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Uploaded: 21 Jul 2012

Since I started this website, people from all over the globe suffering from demodex and other infestations have written to me for help and advice. Thanks to Toni, Ted, and all my other wonderful contributors, I’ve been able to host effective topical treatments for those in dire need.

If you’ve read all this website, you’ll know that I have a spinal disability which also affects the mobility of my right arm.

Five months ago, I began to have such severe problems doing my topical mustard treatments that they took up to five hours at a time.

Finally, my arm failed. I could no longer do any of my treatments. And although the mustard regimen had been very successful, I still had areas of moderate mite activity in various parts of my body. From previous experience, I knew that I’d be totally reinfested within three weeks.

And so I began a frantic and intensive search for a treatment that wasn’t topical or pharmaceutical, that wouldn’t be physically taxing, and that - above all - would work effectively.

During the course of that desperate search, I stumbled across disturbing information on topics like finance, global warming, food production, genetic modification, and water treatment that seemed to be unrelated when viewed in isolation. But something in the back of my mind kept telling me they were all parts of one single picture. So I put on my Writer’s Plotting Hat, cranked up my intuition, and went in search of the missing pieces of the puzzle.

I have debated long and hard with myself about whether I should reveal the alarming pattern I believe I’ve found. I’ve made more than one attempt to plan it all out and present it so that I don’t come across as a raving lunatic. And I’ve trashed them all. But I’ve now finally decided that I’d rather be ridiculed by others for speaking out and being wrong than reviled by myself for keeping silent and being right.

What I’ve discovered doesn’t just affect infestation sufferers -
it affects everyone on the planet.

What I Ask of You

In the late 17th century, the French philosopher and scientist, Blaise Pascal, postulated that there was more to be gained from betting that God exists than from atheism because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This is known as Pascal’s Wager.

I earnestly request you to take the same stance with what I present here. If the picture I paint is wrong - and I fervently pray that it is - you lose nothing. If I’m right, then forewarned is forearmed.

Since what I’ve found would easily fill five or six 600-page books, I cannot present it all here. So I’m going to ask you to do some work - in essence, to follow my footsteps. I’ll present all the elements and arguments that make up an unshakeable framework in as short a form as I can manage, together with related links to videos and various web-pages. A few of the videos are up to two hours long - and I need you to watch as many as you can - as quickly as you can. But once you’re convinced that I’m not raving, move on to the next section.

When you’ve reached the end, you can always go back and examine the evidence you skipped over if you wish.

I promise you will not be bored. In fact, I guarantee they will blow your mind.

When I link to a web-page, I’m asking you to only view as much as you can of that particular page for the moment. When you’ve finished reading the whole update, you can go back and dive into each website for related information if you wish. Each of my links will open in a new window or tab, so when you’ve finished you can come straight back here.

It took me five months of 16-hour days seven days a week to find and correlate all this information. And, believe it or not, I’ve had to leave most of it out for space reasons. So please don’t expect to take it all in in one day - it may take you a week, or possibly even longer. If you want to see the complete picture, you’ll need to return again and again.

There’s no other way. Sorry.

I’ve been a professional writer for most of my life. I’ve worked as a reporter and financial journalist with an Irish national daily newspaper. As an advertising copywriter and copy director I’ve won national and international awards for my work. I’ve also won national and international prizes for my fiction and screenplays, as well as a Bursary in Literature from the Arts Council of Ireland.

But I consider this to be the single most important thing I’ve ever written. It will horrify you to the core of your being. But it will also give you hope for an undreamed-of future.

I need you to view and read as much as you can so you can understand what has happened to you, and why. So you will know what the future may hold for all of us. And how you must now play a vital role in shaping it.

But I also believe I’ve found the alternative treatment I was looking for. And in light of what I’ve discovered, it’s going to play a vital part in all our lives from this moment on. It’s called energy medicine, and its story is a major part of the puzzle.

For those who are able-bodied, the topical treatments are still effective. But because of what I’ve found, I’ve had to update this section with some vital new information.

Please read these pages in the order presented in the sidebar to the left. Otherwise you may miss how all the information links together.

1. Our Present
It’s been described as a 21st Century Plague. Why have so many got this vile infestation? The answers will blow your mind.

2. Our Future
We are players in a story that stretches back to the dawn of history, a story that is right now dictating the future of humanity itself.

3. Energy Medicine
The tale of energy medicine will amaze, delight, and astonish you. It will also anger you deeply.

4. Topical Solutions
From mustard to borax, from milk of magnesia to apple cider vinegar, you’ll find something here that’s sure to help.

5. Other Strategies
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme - they’re not just for dinner. Herbs can annihilate diseases - even cancers. And the truth about food-grade hydrogen peroxide therapy.

Please read this information as soon as you possibly can - it could save your life.
Read on to continue the story...