Dealing with Generalised Demodicosis

Last updated: 26 Feb 2012

If you suffer from this horrible condition, don’t despair. You can help yourself by following any of these treatments, provided free by intelligent, insatiably curious, and remarkable people from all over the world.

Remember, conventional allopathic medicine is only a fairly recent upstart anyway and has devolved from the noble art and science of healing to become just the shop window for giant pharmaceutical companies.

The last thing these companies want to provide you with is a cure. There’s no profit in that because there’s no repeat business.

No, all they want you to have is TREATMENT. That way, you have to keep spending money to stay well. And their “treatments” ALWAYS have side-effects, many of them nasty. Some of these “treatments” can actually kill you, even if properly administered by a doctor.

So, in order to treat our conditions, we have to step off the conventional medical path and become pioneers.

We have no multi-million dollar research projects to fall back on, no vast databases from which we can formulate conclusions. All we have is the very thing thing medical research discounts and disparages - anecdotal evidence. In other words, the personal experiences of those who have set out alone along this path.

Here are some regimens that work (as long as you follow them carefully and assiduously), along with some I haven’t tested personally, both gathered from all over the internet, and sent to me by some truly wonderful human beings.

1. Toni’s Mustard Power
Mustard has a long and honourable heritage in medicine. It’s still used today in mustard poultices for its superior drawing power. A remarkable woman named Toni, who lives in Las Vegas, discovered it can kill demodex mites on contact. She devised several ways to use it safely on your skin, and after six weeks of using it on herself, cannot find a single mite anywhere on her body and is now tickle-free. I use this. It is also currently being tested by a collembola infestation sufferer.

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2. Ted’s Borax Remedies
Ted is a natural healer from Bangkok with an extensive professional background as a research chemist. He has devised two remedies for demodex mite infestation using borax powder and used them to successfully cure many people of this dreadful affliction. He also successfully treats people with other serious illnesses who have been failed by conventional medicine. Ted provides all his remedies freely for the common good. Ever heard of a doctor doing this? I thought not. I use one of these.

3. Other Suggestions
Remedies ranging from unpasteurised apple cider vinegar with borax used topically to ultraviolet light wands. I haven’t tested any of these yet. This page will be updated as and when new information and research becomes available.

4. Maintenance
Because demodicosis is caused by an immune system deficiency, you’ll need to know this essential information to help fix it and prevent reinfestation.

5. Where to Buy
If you can’t find what you need for the treatments locally, here are some suggested web suppliers for Colman’s Double Superfine Mustard Powder, pharmacy-grade borax powder, measuring spoons and jugs, as well as other essentials.

6. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Some questions I regularly receive are answered here. Please read this because it contains important information.

So don’t despair. Help is at hand.
Toni to the rescue...