Here’s Why You’re Delusional

Updated: 8 Aug 2012 (new information on Lyme Disease)

Before we start, please remember that I’ve been diagnosed by three doctors and a psychiatrist as delusional. Many of you have also received this diagnosis. In the vast majority of cases, no tests have been performed. You have simply received a medical opinion based on your own description of your symptoms.

But depending on where you live, this medical opinion has certain very serious social and legal implications. For instance, your will may be challenged and changed after your death unless your doctor signs a certificate to be attached to it stating that you are, in his opinion, “of sound mind.”

Anything you do or say may be attributed to your being “psychiatrically ill” and dismissed as ravings. And in some countries, if what you do or say is serious enough, you can even be locked away in a secure mental health facility “for treatment and protection.”

In the 1930s, all mentally ill people were sequestered in such facilities, then called asylums. As a neurologist, Karl Axel Ekbom, who formulated the Delusional Parasitosis (DP) work-up and diagnosis, would certainly have worked with such institutions. And it is in these that I believe he first came across unfortunates suffering from true DP and realised it constituted a severe neurological disorder.

To illustrate what you’re up against, here’s part of an email I received from a demodicosis sufferer who has, quite literally, been through hell:

“When I went to an emergency clinic at the [named hospital] because of the...holes in my skin, I innocently told them about the stuff on my chin - demodex came out after a treatment of 100% seabuckthorn seed oil for 24 hours. They very sweetly told me that the [other named hospital] had dermatologists that could help me.

“So when I went in the next day the doctor who came to me looked at the spots on my arms and my face and said she would get help for me. I was quite pleased so [I] waited in a small room.

“Soon a strange looking man drinking a cup of coffee walked in and told me he was a psychiatrist. I told him that he was in [the] wrong room as I was waiting for a dermatologist. I refused to see him and laughed but he was pretty serious.

“I was absolutely not going to see him and told him that I had raised seven children and a number of other people's children and probably could counsel him.

“Anyway, there was a big hullabaloo. I made the psychiatrist leave the room and the hospital staff took my clothes and locked me in.

“I called my husband and he yelled a lot at them but they threatened to call the police and lock me in for as long as it took to make me agree to see the psychiatrist.

They told me that if I was locked in for 30 days they would tie me up and administer drugs to calm me. I was beginning to worry as I had heard some horror stories about that being done to people.

“I finally agreed just to placate them.”

Is this not a clear case of unlawful seizure, unlawful restraint, and unlawful imprisonment?

Not if a doctor states that, in his opinion, you are mentally ill.

My advice: steer clear of all allopathic practitioners - go see a naturopathic doctor or a homeopath instead.

In 1983, it was estimated that a dermatologist will see one patient with true DP in every seven years of practice (A. Lyell, The Michelson Lecture, Delusions of parasitosis, Br. J. Dermatol. 1983; 108:485).

Today, demodex and other infestations have been described as a “21st Century Plague.” And diagnoses of Delusional Parasitosis are being handed out like jelly-beans.


All over the globe, psychiatry has been used as an instrument of social and political control. But only in the former Soviet Union was it routinely and systematically used to imprison and discredit high-profile dissidents. Here’s an interview with one of them, Vladimir Bukovsky (23 minutes):

Link: Benjamin Rowan writes on Bukovsky’s psychiatric abuse.

Link: Excerpts from “Biographical Dictionary of Dissidents in the Soviet Union, 1956-1975,” by S. P. De Boer, E. J. Driessen, H. L. Verhaar (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Oost-Europa Instituut).

Link: Wikipedia article on political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union.

Link: Wikipedia article on global abuse of psychiatry (including the USA).

Faced with such overt, institutionalised, and systematic abuse, the World Psychiatric Association had no choice other than to expel the Soviet Union from its ranks.

So how does this concern you and your demodex infestation?

The Morgellons, Lyme, and AIDS Connections

The gut fungus that enables demodex mites to digest human keratin is so efficient that it has allowed these insects to evolve without an anal opening - they produce no faecal waste. When a mite dies, it liquefies inside the skin, allowing this still-living fungus to enter the bloodstream. Once freed, it directly attacks the human immune system.

I wanted to know how - and why - this happens. So I started asking questions. After persistent probing, I finally received an answer from a reliable scientific source that utterly floored me:

The demodex gut fungus attacks the immune system because it has been deliberately bioengineered to do so.

In other words, a mite found on every human being on the planet has now been weaponised.

There are three, possibly four, different strains of this bioengineered demodex gut fungus in the wild. At least one of these is always found in Morgellons sufferers.

And guess what? There’s now a 21st century dermatological diagnosis specifically fabricated to close off this fungal involvement.

Link: “Delusional tinea: A novel subtype of delusional parasitosis - In this report, we present a rare case of delusion in which the perpetrator was believed to be a ‘fungus.’” From the Dermatology Online Journal, Vol. 14, No. 12, December 2008.

Perhaps the most significant alteration is the addition of a slime mould called Dictyostelium discoideum. Strictly speaking, this organism is not a fungus at all since it has no chitin in its cell walls. It is in fact a colony of individual amoebas that has four stages in its life cycle - vegetative, aggregative, migratory, and culminative.

Dictyostelium discoideum life cycle stages.

During the aggregative stage, the individual colony members conglomerate to form a single motile organism with rudimentary intelligence called a slug. This is common to all slime moulds. And two or more colonies can fuse to become a bigger one.

This slug then migrates towards light - i.e. it moves towards the surface of the skin.

Link: A robot controlled by a slime mould.

Link: A slime mould solves a maze puzzle.

Below are some images of the skin formations they cause. The first is taken from Jan Smith’s astonishing Morgellons Exposed website. Jan calls these “tentacles.”

From the Morgellons Exposed website.

A brushed-off particle of my skin.

Part of one of many growths on my body.

The most disturbing thing about the use of Dictyostelium discoideum is this: when an organism is faced with environmental pressure, it will either die out or mutate to cope. But this organism is unique in that it is capable of mutating spontaneously - without any environmental pressure to do so.

This means it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate using drugs, fungicides, or pesticides.

This spontaneous mutation ability is one of the chief reasons it was chosen.

It’s conceivable that the slug may also play a part in the transport of non-motile elements present in Morgellons.

This same phenomenon of continual adaptation and genetic change of invading parasites and agents is also seen in AIDS.

I believe these mutated gut fungus strains have been aerially sprayed from high altitude all over the globe for at least the past 10 years, and very possibly longer. This means they may have supplanted the original strains and may now be present in the demodex populations of virtually every human being on the planet.

Bioengineering? Man-made organisms? Global aerial spraying?

Yes. Take a look at these images:

Karens green nanocroppedserpentine glyph2plaque2
All images are borrowed from Morgellons Exposed.

The image on the left shows a microscopic object that was found in a lesion. The subject suffers from both Morgellons and Lyme Disease and lives directly under the flight path of an international airport. The centre image shows the reverse, and the image on the right shows the object dismantled.

It’s a nanomachine.

Another nanomachine removed from a Morgellons sufferer’s lesion.

aug 7 2011 3 b pattern in skin from deep in hip
Part of an object removed from a Morgellons lesion - note the embossed numerals.

Gel spiders and earthworm cocoons have been found in lesions - proof that insect DNA is in the Morgellons mix.

Fibres from Morgellons sufferers’ skin have been analysed in forensic and independent research labs. Many have been found to be hollow tubes made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE can withstand a continuous temperature of well above boiling point. It’s also highly resistant to UV light. This means that UV-vulnerable organisms can easily be hidden inside the hollow fibres.

HDPE is used extensively in the construction of radio antenna arrays and other telemetry systems. Which is very interesting indeed in light of an experiment conducted by a Morgellons sufferer who is an electronics expert (as reported on Jan Smith’s Morgellons Exposed website).

Inside a Faraday Cage (to screen out all external electromagnetic radiation), he connected himself and another sufferer to an oscilloscope. Healthy people do not transmit electromagnetic radiation. Yet two different oscilloscopes registered a strong radio signal emanating from both sufferers.

The signal was analysed and identified as a satellite transmission frequency.

Interestingly enough, on another page of this website, I wrote the following:

I also have a very strange skin sensation – if I drag a finger across my skin, then take it away, I can still feel that drag/touch for about five seconds after. The sensation is like there’s a “web” in my skin. If you’ve ever dressed up as a bank robber for Hallowe’en and worn a pair of ladies’ hose over your head, then you know the feeling.

And two years ago, when I still believed my mites could be external and living in my bedding, I bought a survival bag. This is like a sleeping-bag without the zip, made from the same metal foil as a “space blanket.” Each time I slept in it, all mite activity ceased from my neck down, but increased, sometimes dramatically, on my exposed head.


Maybe there’s something to that hoary old joke about tin-foil hats after all...

The above information will become highly relevant in later pages that deal with electromagnetic energies.

But that’s not all.

Clifford E. Carnicom, a former US Department of Defense research scientist who has held a Top Secret/SCI security clearance, has been carrying out extensive independent research on Morgellons Disease since it first reared its ugly head. Take a look at some of his blood sample images below (all x750):


The two images above are of blood samples taken from a Morgellons sufferer with overt external signs and symptoms. Both are top-lit by red laser light. The first shows normal blood cell formations. The second shows an anomalous structure that has corrupted and conglomerated the red cells and appears to be fungal and fibrous in nature.

Now check out these two:


Each image shows a sample from two different individuals with no signs or symptoms of Morgellons, i.e. two healthy people.

Carnicom took samples from four healthy individuals altogether. All four of them had these anomalous structures present in their blood.

And guess what’s been found, analysed, and identified as a component in aerial spraying particulates?

Freeze-dried human red blood cells. Which have been bioengineered.

Meaning it’s entirely possible that every human being on earth now has Morgellons Disease in their bloodstream, just waiting to be activated into the full-blown version.

We’ve already touched on the Morgellons fibres. Some of you will be familiar with the many photomicrographs of the red, blue, clear, and brown/black “threads” and “fuzz-balls” that emerge from lesions and unbroken skin. Well, those “fibres” may not be fibres at all.

Back in the mid-2000s, a group of Lyme Disease sufferers, tired of getting the runaround from doctors and researchers, decided to investigate the disease for themselves. Over a number of years, they scoped and photographed specimens, then tirelessly researched them until they were identified. They found a lot of nasties (some of which I also seem to have in my galleries).

But they also found the red, blue, clear, and brown/black “threads.” Apparently, it never occurred to them that these objects could be anything but animal in nature, so they proceeded on that basis - and they eventually found a highly plausible theoretical match.

They appear to be an unknown “dwarf” species of a phylum of parasitic animals called nematomorpha (also Gordian worms, hairworms, or horsehair worms). There are estimated to be at least 2,000 species worldwide, only 351 of which are known. They are water-loving animals that normally parasitise insects. They are, incredibly, capable of forcing an insect to drown itself so that they can gain access to water.

Some entomologists have declared nematomorpha incapable of parasitising humans, despite numerous cases of them being found in body fluids and stool specimens. Other researchers readily accept them as human parasites, and have even listed the diseases they can cause and exacerbate.

While the “experts” may argue till they’re blue in the face, the fact remains that these animals were found in the bodies of Lyme Disease sufferers.

The sufferers involved have requested that their photomicrographs not be used on any other site, so I must honour that request even though I believe such important human health knowledge should be freely spread far and wide. If you’re a Morgellons sufferer, you can check out the site at the first link below. And if you’re a demodicosis sufferer who has photomicrographs of your own specimens, you should check out the galleries as well to see if you recognise any of the other organisms.

By the way, they also found a cure. It involves high internal doses of pure salt (not table salt) and vitamin C. It’s tough, it takes time - but it worked to cure them all. You’ll find it at the site.

Link: LymePhotos - images of Lyme Disease organisms, some identical to Morgellons “fibres.” And a cure for Lyme that may also work for Morgellons - and possibly demodicosis.

Link: “Revelations From A Man Who Designed Morgellons Disease” - an astonishing page from The Morgellons Exposed website. It also contains links to two important videos.

Link: A collection of YouTube videos on Morgellons created by the amazing and tireless skizitgesture.

Link: A huge list of astonishing Morgellons research papers from the Carnicom Institute.

And the CDC says...

The long-awaited CDC report on Morgellons stated that symptoms include “fibers, threads, or black stringy material in and on the skin.” Perversely, it also declares that the signs and symptoms are very similar to those of a mental illness involving false beliefs about infestation by parasites (delusional parasitosis). So, real objects, false beliefs?

Note that the “study” interviewed no Morgellons sufferers and examined no specimens. It was essentially an exercise in comparative statistics using data from patient histories taken by dermatologists and doctors.

No flesh and blood people - just words and numbers.

The entire report is a travesty - a breathtakingly vast lie.

And the US Environmental Protection Agency has refused to even examine any samples of particulates from aerial spraying sent to it by scientists and concerned individuals, claiming that to do so is not within its brief.

Anything a sufferer does to try to expose the truth is labelled as delusional. Concerned non-sufferers who declare there’s nothing delusional about these new skin conditions and other new systemic diseases such as Lyme Disease, West Nile Fever, fibromyalgia, and ME/CFS are condemned as paranoid - again, the use of psychiatric labels to silence and suppress.

I don’t know about you, but I think something stinks to high heaven here.

Well, guess what? In March, 2012, the Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research published a new study on Morgellons Disease. One where the authors actually bothered to examine specimens taken from sufferers. The abstract reads as follows:

Morgellons disease is an emerging multisystem illness characterized by unexplained dermopathy and unusual skin-associated filament production. Despite evidence demonstrating that an infectious process is involved and that lesions are not self-inflicted, many medical practitioners continue to claim that this illness is delusional. We present relevant clinical observations combined with chemical and light microscopic studies of material collected from three patients with Morgellons disease. Our study demonstrates that Morgellons disease is not delusional and that skin lesions with unusual fibers are not self-inflicted or psychogenic. We provide chemical, light microscopic and immunohistological evidence that filaments associated with this condition originate from human epithelial cells, supporting the hypothesis that the fibers are composed of keratin and are products of keratinocytes

Hooray for real research! And for real doctors. They’re as rare as hens’ teeth, but they’re out there.

There is now convincing evidence that both Morgellons Disease and systemic demodicosis are an assault mainly aimed at women (82% of demodicosis sufferers who write to me are women). And a suspiciously high percentage of female Morgellons sufferers are nurses and medical workers. You will see why this is important on later pages.

I realise that this information may be difficult for many of you to accept. It’s human nature to resist anything that will change our view of how the world operates.

But, to coin a phrase, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. If you stick with me, I’ll show you what’s happening, how it’s being done, when it was set in motion, when it’s planned to come to fruition, and the outcome that’s planned for all humanity. And I’ll tell you who’s doing it. And why.

But first I need to change your mind. Literally.

To do that, I’ll have to show you that much of what you believe to be unshakeable truth is actually untrue.
Read on to continue the story...