Today’s Rife Machines

Updated 20 Aug 2012 (important disclaimer added).

Of the machines that were built under Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s direction, only three remain.

Some were destroyed in a “mysterious” laboratory fire, some were cannibalized for spare electronic parts, some had components like vacuum tubes replaced with cheaper, more modern technologies which didn’t work, some had vital circuits altered or removed, and some were simply thrown out after the doctors who had originally been given them by Rife aged and died.

John Crane was one of Rife’s business partners to whom he entrusted the commercial manufacture of his machines. It later became apparent that Crane neither fully understood nor liked the vacuum tube technology involved and may have altered the designs - so the machines no longer worked properly. Philip Hoyland was Rife’s engineer and the man to whom he entrusted development of the frequencies - but Hoyland was a secretive man obsessed by security, and it is alleged by some that he may have altered the original numbers to prevent piracy.

This is unfair and untrue. What Hoyland actually did was to hide Rife’s frequencies by obfuscating how they were generated. He did this for a good commercial reason - the original frequencies couldn’t be patented at that time because frequencies exist in nature (today, no such problem exists - witness GMO corporations’ patentable manipulation of nature itself).

The end result was that Rife’s priceless legacy was lost to future generations through bungling and commercial secrecy.

And you can thank allopathic medicine and Morris Fishbein’s greed for that.

Essentially, Rife’s basic principle was to take an audio frequency square wave and “piggy-back” it onto a radio frequency (RF) sine wave. This produced multiple harmonics or “side-bands" at frequencies which would destroy pathogens. It’s important to understand that it wasn’t the RF that killed the organism, and it wasn’t the audio - it was the combination of the two.

This principle didn’t die with Rife’s work. In later years, physicists, electronic engineers, and competent amateurs alike started to experiment and build new machines that used different designs and technologies. Most didn’t work, but some showed promise and were further developed.

Because of the AMA and their watchdog, the FDA, the work had to be done in secret. Discoveries had to be shared by word of mouth and clinical testing was completely out of the question. So the saviours of Rife’s gift to humanity had no choice but to rely on anecdotal evidence - which conventional science dismisses.

Eventually though, effective machines, many of them built in garages and home workshops, began to be produced and tentatively advertised. The FDA’s response was to raid the makers’ premises, confiscate all equipment and documents, and charge them with medical fraud. Many received inordinately long jail sentences - including John Crane. Others were forced to abandon everything they owned and flee into exile with their families.

The FDA even followed up on customer lists, and people sent home to die by their doctors who were using the new machines to save their own lives had them confiscated - “for their own safety.”

And then some of these smart people found a way round the law. They knew that the heart of all modern Rife machines - the frequency generator - could never be banned because it has multiple vital applications throughout industry. When they studied the regulations closely, they found that sale or advertising couldn’t be prohibited if the following conditions were met:
  • No medical claims whatsoever could be made - unless it was in relation to animal health.
  • The machines could be sold only for individual research and experimentation.
  • All documentation, publicity, and advertising must feature a prominent notice that the device had not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.
  • Another notice must state that the machine was not a medical device, and that in all cases of illness, customers should only consult their medical practitioners.
But given the long history of FDA persecution and destruction of lives, many manufacturers were averse to publicity of any sort, preferring that their products sold by word of mouth.

To this day, some highly respected makers don’t have a website, nor do they advertise. They publicise and sell only through a tiny network of small dealers, many of them naturopaths. Consequently, the market for Rife machines is miniscule, and the vast majority of those I’ve spoken to have never even heard of them. Those who were familiar with them invariably repeated the AMA/FDA propaganda about the technology being a cruel medical hoax.

The AMA forbids doctors to use them on their patients under pain of immediate loss of license. But a few brave and conscientious doctors still secretly use them in cases where they know that drugs won’t work or will be too dangerous for the patient.

The only medical professionals who use these machines today are naturopaths and homeopaths (but only some) and veterinarians.

Well, you’ve seen the scientific and medical evidence for yourself on the previous page, and I’m now here to tell you that I’m living proof that these machines work.

And they work very well indeed.

Because I bought a mid-range Rife machine and used it on myself after I became unable to do the mustard protocol. And here’s what happened:
  • Three 10-minute sessions cured extensive toenail fungus on both my feet.
  • Five 15-minute sessions cured my tardive akathisia.
  • One 30-minute session enabled me to sleep for 12 hours that night instead of my usual four and, for the next 10 days, I slept for eight hours a night.
  • One 30-minute session allowed me to go a whole day without painkillers.
  • One 20-minute session healed a long deep kitchen knife cut on my left hand overnight - without scarring.
  • And six successive daily four-hour sessions killed every single demodex mite on my entire body (this turned out to be a very bad idea indeed and I’ll explain why further down the page).
Without my Rife machine, you would not be reading these words now.

Rife machines are expensive because they cannot be built with “off-the-shelf” parts from Radio Shack or Maplins Electronics. Most of the components are costly because they must be specially fabricated in very small production runs. And because of the tiny market, no machines are mass produced - they are all painstakingly hand-built, and sometimes only on receipt of an order.

However, even this tiny market soon attracted two types of people who spotted an opportunity to make money. The outright conman and the well-meaning but incompetent hobbyist.

The former aggressively preyed on seriously ill and dying people to sell them their fakes. When these unfortunates inevitably died, competent engineers who opened up their “Rife machines” found meaningless but impressive looking circuit boards, inappropriate components, jumbles of wires that led nowhere, and flashy LEDs and meters. And the hobbyists didn’t have the expertise necessary to build a machine that worked properly - because the physics and electronics involved are extremely difficult to grasp. So, again, people died needlessly.

The supreme irony here is that if the FDA had evaluated and sanctioned this technology, the hoaxers and the hobbyists could never have caused any deaths. Another irony is that some devices and procedures routinely used in medicine today use the principles developed by Dr. Rife. Two examples are the TENS machine (used for relief of pain) and lithotripsy (the shattering of kidney stones using ultrasound energy).

However, you can rest assured that all the machines featured on this page are made by reputable manufacturers with long histories of success. But before we go into them, I must first explain three important things:

Dr. Rife’s original machines used high-powered radio frequencies (RF) that could be detected 12 miles away. Initially, he used an antenna to transmit these, but later switched to plasma tubes that emitted visible light as well as RF (plus the “piggy-backed audio frequencies). He knew, however, that he’d have to find a way to deliver his frequencies into the human body that wouldn’t require so much power and cause widespread radio frequency interference. According to some researchers, his assistant, John Crane, tried altering one of the machines and attaching stainless steel and copper electrodes - or contacts - in place of the plasma tube. These would transmit RF, audio, and electrical energy via direct contact with the patient’s skin.

It’s believed that Dr. Rife then agreed to investigate this promising new approach which seemed to solve the problem associated with high-powered radio frequency transmission and offer a way forward.

And then Big Pharma’s Rottweiler Morris Fishbein arrived on his doorstep.

The result is that there were two types of Rife technology developed, followed much later by a third derivative. The first remains faithful to the original concept of RF, audio, and visible light, with modern technology solving the power and interference problems. The second also features RF and audio but substitutes electrical energy for light and uses the skin contact principle. The third dispenses with RF altogether and uses audio and electrical energy.

There is some controversy about these different approaches though.

Since radio waves easily pass through even the thickest brick wall, they will readily penetrate the human body, taking the audio waves with them.

Our skin, on the other hand, is resistant to electrical energy passed by electrodes. The consequence of this is that only about 50-70% of it can enter the body. And if more power is applied, the muscles will lock up (remember, the heart is also a muscle), and the nervous system can be disrupted. So when using RF with audio and DC electricity, the voltage must be kept low.

Nevertheless, this is still tremendously useful, and adds a very useful extra string to Rife’s bow.

Today, most quality Rife machines offer both of these approaches built-in. And some will even allow you to use both at the same time.

The third type of machine doesn’t use RF at all - just audio waves and low-voltage electricity

The second important aspect of these machines is quite technical and somewhat complex. It concerns the nature of energy.

You will remember from the “Heaven on Earth” page that all energy is one - sound is slowed-down light is slowed-down radio. Essentially, the difference is the frequency at which each vibrates.

In his original machines, Rife used nothing but radio frequencies. At that time, the FCC didn’t exist and he was free to use any frequencies he desired. When the FCC was set up in the mid-1930s, he could no longer do this - radio frequencies were fixed by law and allocated for specific applications as that body saw fit. So he and Philip Hoyland had to find another way to generate the RF frequencies required.

What they did was essentially to take the fixed radio frequency and modulate it by mixing audio range frequencies with it. This produced both higher and lower harmonics - or sidebands - that fell outside all FCC-regulated frequency bands. By using different audio frequencies, they were able to vary the fixed RF to whatever was required.

Modulation is simply changing any attribute of any signal over time. Here’s an easy way to understand it:

Turn on your radio or stereo. What you hear is a signal composed of a mix of many different audio frequencies that together make up music or intelligible sound. Now turn down the volume. You’ve just modulated the amplitude - the loudness - of the audio energy. If you rotate the volume knob very quickly, you’re now varying the frequency of your amplitude modulation.

Since any specific audio frequency is a pure waveform that moves from zero to one over time, when you mix it with any other frequency, it does exactly what your hand does - it modulates that second frequency. And the result of this modulation is to produce either harmonics or inharmonics. When you mix a lower audio frequency with a higher fixed radio frequency, you’re modulating it, and the effect of modulating frequency is to produce a complex series of harmonics. And the lower ones can extend downwards from radio to light to sound.

Some of those who tried to follow in Rife’s footsteps assumed that the audio frequencies he listed in his surviving papers were what produced the cures. They weren’t. By themselves they had no effect on pathogens. They were simply the “hands” - or modulators - that had to be applied to the fixed RF signal - the carrier - to produce the real frequencies that killed pathogens. The result was that many ill people were sold “Rife” machines that did absolutely nothing.

However, this story does have a happy ending. Because through persistence, diligent research, and trial and error, it was eventually found that audio range frequencies could indeed have many curative effects. Today, many manufacturers offer “Rife” machines that transmit only audio frequencies, generally at lower prices. Zappers, too, are based on this approach, and I’ll cover them on the next page.

But these are not true Rife machines. What Dr. Royal Raymond Rife discovered was that pathogens were killed by radio frequencies, not audio frequencies. And he used those radio frequencies to rapidly cure terminal and TB patients.

Bottom line: if it doesn’t use a radio frequency carrier wave, it ain’t a true Rife machine, no matter what it says on the box. That’s not to say that an audio-only machine won’t work - they do, and they’ve been found to be highly effective on many serious conditions. But here’s why I chose a true Rife machine over an audio-only model or a zapper:

Documented clinical evidence of the cure of 16 terminal cancer and TB patients; documented in vitro pathogen destruction; AMA and Smithsonian Institution involvement in the technology (until Morris Fishbein’s arrival), known total body penetration, and, finally, the science behind it is now well understood and documented.

Audio: I’ve been unable to find any clinical studies or pathogen destruction videos, only anecdotal evidence (lots). While the audio frequencies that kill a great many pathogens have been discovered, much research remains to be done. Audio cannot pass through bone or hollow organs like lungs. And, finally, although these machines have been known to cure lethal conditions, the science behind its theoretically impossible body penetration mechanisms is still not fully understood. But since the electromagnetic spectrum, like a rainbow, gradates from one waveband to the next, it is known that higher harmonics of audio frequencies fall into the lower reaches of radio.

My own uneducated conjecture is that this could also be due to the possibility that deep organs may not need to be penetrated - merely the energy field that surrounds each of them, or the acupuncture meridian energy pathways that connect to them.

The third important thing is that since each type of cell, organ, body system, pathogen, pollutant, and parasite has its own unique signature frequency, you must know that frequency in order to either stimulate it (in the case of our own bodies), remove or neutralise it (in the case of pollutants), or kill it (in the case of pathogens or parasites).

Fortunately, the vast majority of that work has already been done for you by researchers, physicists, engineers, biologists, and conscientious end-users, and much of it is freely available on the web. However, in a few cases where a mystery illness arises that you’re unable to diagnose yourself, you will need an accurate diagnosis of the condition or pathogen(s) responsible so you can find the necessary frequencies. Once you have that accurate diagnosis, you’re pretty much home and dry.

You MUST have this knowledge for successful treatment. Fortunately, the vast majority of manufacturers today preprogram their instruments with frequency sets to treat anything up to 2,000 or more health problems or known pathogens or parasites. They all also offer the ability to program and store your own sets taken from commercial or free frequency lists.

However, there are three Rife machines that will help with diagnosis as well as treatment. One fairly expensive model has been on the market for some years now, I will investigate another less costly one as soon as I can, and a third diagnostic/treatment machine is about to enter production in South Africa (I’ve asked the developers for further details and I’ll update this page when I receive them).

Here’s how these diagnostic/treatment machines work:

When you’re unwell, you attach a finger-clamp (the anode) to one hand and hold an electrode in the other. The machine then transmits audio impulses into your body much like an ultrasound machine. Any aberrant resonances generated by the impulses are memorised. This process takes from a few minutes to many days, depending on what you’re looking for (there are, however, strategies to greatly reduce the time required). When it’s done, you transmit those anomalous frequencies back into the body to treat or kill as appropriate.

Summary: to be what I consider a true Rife machine, what you buy must have:
  • A frequency generator - this creates the audio frequencies needed to generate harmonics. Should ideally output at least 1.4 watts. Digital units must have a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) to produce smooth waveforms.
  • An amplifier to boost the signal from the frequency generator and generate the high frequency radio waves.
  • A plasma tube (preferably) and/or suitable electrodes kit.
Most machines are also capable of what are called “sweeps.” Instead of instantly switching between two discrete frequencies, a sweep will transmit all intermediate values at a customisable step size and dwell time for each graduation. Of those machines listed below, I’m aware of only one that can do what’s called the Rife/Hoyland 3.3 MHz sweep. The first time Dr. Rife ran this sweep in his lab, it cost him a small fortune.

Because it instantly killed every single micro-organism in the building, most of which he’d had to purchase from commercial suppliers for his microscopy and frequency research. It even killed everything he had in refrigerated storage in the basement.

Precautions: And finally, as with all technologies, there are some caveats. If you have a pacemaker, you must never under any circumstances undertake even one rifing session without consulting your cardiologist first. Nor should one ever be used during pregnancy since it will also affect the embryo. And if you’re highly sensitive to radio energy, you may not be able to use a Rife machine at all.

If you have a metal implant of any kind in your body, you also need to be careful not to push the energy intensity too high or you may feel the implant “buzzing “. When this happens, it means that it’s shedding atoms of metal into your body - definitely not a healthy thing. The vibration can also work the implant loose over time if it’s too strong. The key is to back off the intensity until you no longer feel the implant, then continue at that level. I have titanium plates, pins, and screws in my lower leg and I had to lower the intensity to use the machine safely.

Mercury dental fillings (also misleading named “silver”) can also be vibrated enough to release mercury vapour into your mouth. Mercury is an extremely dangerous neurotoxin and is classed as a Hazardous Material.

(Toluene is also used in the cement that holds these fillings in cavities. Toluene is one of the ingredients of the drug meth. Note that meth addicts present with skin lesions and always report the sensations of insects crawling in their skin. If at all possible, it’s a very good idea to have mercury fillings removed and replaced by a holistic dentist).

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Below are a handful of true Rife machines on the market today from manufacturers with good to excellent reputations:

Resonant Light PERL/ProGen II 4050

A Canadian company with a very good reputation. They don’t publish prices on their website - you must email to request a quote. It’s also unclear whether they supply electrode sets as standard or if these cost extra. Specifications given on the website are not extensive enough to form a clear technical picture.

Left: the PERL (comes with ProGen II 4050). Right: ProGen II 4050 close up.

The PERL unit comes with the ProGen II 4050. This combo offers both radiant plasma and contact pad (electrodes) operation via the ProGen II 4050. Noted Rife researcher Dr. James Bare was reportedly involved with the development of this unit.

Price (est): $5,695 plus shipping.

Frequency range: 1 Hz to 1 MHz.

Power output: 60 watts.

Concurrent frequencies: carrier + 1 audio (more frequencies can be added by purchasing additional ProGen 11 4050s).

Frequency sweeps/spreads: yes.

Waveforms: square, sine, triangle.

PC/Mac control: unknown.

My recommendation: true Rife. Attractive looking unit - but when you’re dying from stage IV cancer, who cares about matching the décor? Too expensive for my taste. Not for me.

The ProGen II 4050 is also available as a standalone audio frequency electrodes unit.

Price (est): $895 plus shipping.

Frequency range: 1 Hz to 1 MHz.

Power output: unknown (up to 14 volts - no amperage given, so wattage can’t be calculated).

Concurrent frequencies: 1 audio.

Frequency sweeps/spreads: yes.

Waveforms: square, sine, triangle.

PC/Mac control: unknown.

My recommendation: audio only as standalone unit. Unclear whether it offers DAC. From the few specifications shown, it seems like it may be a tad underpowered - but with the electrodes kit would make a very good programmable zapper. Not for me.

Video: none found.

User Link: none found.


The manufacturers have an unsurpassed reputation. They make the only Rife machines today that remain true to Dr. Rife’s design and specifications - and even improve on them. They offer two configurations, both of which are true Rife. Their products are the only machines recommended by CancerTutor. Can be ordered online or by phone.

GB4000/MOPA Combo.

Price: $4,475 (plasma tube shown is $305 extra - essential) plus shipping. Plasma tube comes from a different company. Even if you’re just considering this machine, please email me for further information before you make a final decision (using the subject line “GB4000”)!

Power output: 118-470 watts.

Frequency range: 0.1 Hz to 20 MHz.

Concurrent frequencies: carrier + up to 8 audio (if audio frequencies are lower than 40 KHz - 2 if higher).

Frequency sweeps/spreads: yes - and can also do the Rife/Hoyland 3.3 MHz sweep.

Waveforms: square, sine.

PC/Mac control: Windows only.

My recommendation: true Rife and more. Extremely powerful package. A free Elenco frequency counter is included. Frequency generator can be used standalone with electrodes, outputs 2 Watts, features DAC, and is also true Rife. My grandfather used to say, “There are no pockets in a shroud,” so I’d buy this in a heartbeat.

Electrodes kit: (from a different company) $103 extra plus shipping. A very useful and worthwhile addition to the GB4000/MOPA Combo.

Note: the MOPA amplifier is so powerful it must be placed against an outside wall of your home to avoid bothering neighbours and may not be suitable for apartment dwellers. Before purchase, you must also download, sign, and return a MOPA Purchase Agreement Form. These amplifiers are built to order. If you buy this package, you can add an SR4 amplifier for $595 plus shipping (normally costs $695). This keeps neighbours happy by enabling you to do electrode sessions during waking hours. You can then run the monster MOPA when everyone’s asleep - including you. It also means you can take your Rife treatment on the road.

The GB4000 frequency generator is also available with a different amplifier - the SR4. This powers electrodes rather than a plasma tube.

GB4000/SR4 Combo.

Price: $2,320 plus shipping (also available with stylish carry-handle or wheeled travel cases for $2,460 and $2,500 respectively plus shipping). Even if you’re just considering this machine, please email me for further information before you make a final decision (using the subject line “GB4000”)!

Power output: 10 watts.

Frequency range: 0.1 Hz to 20 MHz.

Concurrent frequencies: Carrier + up to 8 audio (if audio frequencies are lower than 40 KHz - 2 if higher).

Frequency sweeps/spreads: yes.

Waveforms: square, sine.

PC/Mac control: Windows only.

My recommendation: true Rife and more. The SR4 amplifier boosts the frequency generator’s already excellent 2 Watt RF output up to an impressive 10 Watts. This setup uses electrodes only. If I couldn’t afford the GB4000/MOPA Combo, I’d buy this in a heartbeat.

Electrodes kit: (from a different company) $103 extra plus shipping. Essential for the GB4000/SR4 Combo.

Video: The GB4000/MOPA Combo being set up to treat cancer sufferer Sharri Ratcliff (six minutes).

User Link: Health and community worker Sharri Ratcliff’s blog - her page on the GB4000/MOPA Combo. Check out her “FDA Required Disclaimer” link at the top.

BCX Ultra

The highly-regarded manufacturer doesn’t maintain a website and doesn’t advertise. He sells his hand-built machine through a very small network of dealers. This is an excellent and powerful machine that uses both plasma tube and electrode systems, both of which may be used at the same time (in fact, the two plasma tubes can be used together with handheld copper electrodes and stainless steel footplates). How it uses plasma technology is unique - there are two tubes which can be held in the hands, under the arms, or placed on the body for localised treatment.

BCX Ultra
BCX Ultra.

Price: $2,695 plus shipping. Even if you’re just considering this machine, please email me for further information before you make a final decision (using the subject line “BCX Ultra”).

Power output: 30 watts.

Frequency range: 1 Hz to 4 MHz.

Concurrent frequencies: carrier + 1 audio.

Frequency sweeps/spreads: no.

Waveforms: square, square sweep, square pulsewidth, sine, Hoyland, trapezoid, triangle, linear ramp up, linear ramp down, exponential ramp up, exponential ramp down, odd order harmonics, even order harmonics, custom 1, custom 2, custom 3 (3 Arbitrary Waveform Generators onboard).

PC/Mac control: USB socket on machine to upgrade operating system, no software available as of August 2012.

Optional extras: four different types of powerful non-contact plasma tubes are available to connect to the BCX Ultra, ranging from $1,195 to $2,995 plus shipping, and two types of LED wands with three colour emission choices - $90 and $262 plus shipping.

My recommendation: true Rife machine. Plasma tubes output 30 Watts. Comes with everything you need to start treatment right out of the box - plasma tubes, copper hand electrodes, stainless steel footplates, and sticky TENS pads, plus a neat carrying case. All-in-one design makes for easy transport. This is the machine I bought.

Note: Judy Erwin runs BioElectrics for Health, the website I’ve linked to above. Judy has been using and selling this manufacturer’s products for 14 years, and she offers unlimited free one-to-one help and advice to all BCX Ultra buyers. But please email me for details before you click that “Buy” button (using the subject line “BCX Ultra”)!

Video: Setting up and using the BCX Ultra (15 minutes).

User Link: A glowing unsolicited testimonial from highly experienced electrical engineer and cancer clinic worker John White.

Pacific Health Products

Not a manufacturer per se but assembles some decent Rife machine packages from individual component manufacturers. Three of these constitute true Rife machines. The only difference between them lies in the power and flexibility of the frequency generators used (all Atelier Robin, not the very best available but a very solid make).

The Programmable Blaster - Multi-Wave.

Price: $1,999 plus shipping (for Programmable Blaster - Multi-Wave). Programmable Blaster 20 MHz is $1,499 plus shipping, Programmable Blaster 1.5 MHz is $999 plus shipping.

Power output: 10 watts (all models).

Frequency range: 0 Hz to 20 MHz (for Multi-Wave - up to 50 MHz with reduced amplitude). 20 MHz model: same as Multi-Wave. 1.5 MHz model: 0 Hz to 1.5 MHz.

Concurrent frequencies: carrier + 5 audio (for Multi-Wave - 20 MHz model: carrier + 2 audio, 1.5 MHz model: carrier + 1 audio).

Frequency sweeps/spreads
: yes.

Waveforms: square.

PC/Mac control: Yes for both platforms.

Optional extras: Light Wave Blaster - plasma tube, stand, and amplifier available for $1,999. Specifications not given on website.

My recommendation: true Rife machines. The Multi-Wave model is most powerful. However, all models are slightly limited since sine waves are generally preferred for body system/organ stimulation or normalisation. Consequently, they’re not for me.

Video: Demonstration of the Programmable Blaster - 1.5 MHz model (two minutes).

User Link: none found.


The FScan range is manufactured in Switzerland by a Swiss company. Three main models are offered - each with slightly different configurations available. They are the flagship FScan Touch, the FScan 2, and the FScan Compact. The first two feature the diagnostic DIRP routine as standard. Here’s the FScan Touch:

FScan Touch
The FScan Touch.

Price (Swiss Francs): CHF 8,400 plus shipping (for FScan Touch). FScan 2 is CHF 5,500 plus shipping, Currency conversion available here.

Power output: 0.6 watts (FScan Touch), 0.5 watts (FScan 2).

Frequency range: 0 Hz to 15 MHz (both).

Concurrent frequencies: carrier + 5 audio (for FScan Touch). FScan 2: 1 RF + 1 audio.

Frequency sweeps/spreads: yes, plus wobble (modulation centred around any frequency).

Waveforms: square, sine.

PC/Mac control: Yes - Windows PC only (specify USB connectivity while ordering).

Optional extras: Too many to list here (they include footplates). No plasma tube available, although a UV tube can be purchased for deeper body penetration.

My recommendation: only the FScan Touch meets my personal definition of a true Rife machine - an RF carrier that piggy-backs audio frequencies. The FScan 2 offers RF but it’s unclear from the specifications whether this can act as a carrier or not. Both come with hand electrodes only. As I’ve already written above, these machines are quite expensive. Not for me.

Video: German language only - Part 1 of an FScan Touch video (seven minutes).

Part 2 of the German language FScan Touch video (seven minutes)

User Link: none found.

And here’s the baby of the FScan line-up - the Compact. The really cool thing about this battery-powered model is that the diagnostic DIRP routine is available as an optional extra (specified while ordering):

FScan Compact DIRP
The FScan Compact with DIRP option.

Price (Swiss Francs): FScan Compact starts at CHF 725 for the base model plus shipping. Currency conversion available here.

Power output: 0.1 watts.

Frequency range: 0 Hz to 1.7 MHz.

Concurrent frequencies: 1 audio -> low RF).

Frequency sweeps/spreads: yes, plus wobble (modulation centred around any frequency).

Waveforms: square, sine.

PC/Mac control: Yes - Windows PC only (specify USB connectivity while ordering).

Optional extras: Too many to list here and it’s not clear whether they will all work with this model.

My recommendation: the FScan Compact offers programmable single frequency sets, each frequency continuously variable from audio to low RF. It comes with hand electrodes only. While it may have some limitations as a treatment machine, the DIRP option means you can find the offending frequency resonances you’re looking for, then program them by hand into a more powerful true Rife machine. Consequently, I’d buy this in a heartbeat - but only to use with a more powerful Rife machine.

Video: Demonstration of the FScan Compact (seven minutes).

Part 2 of the German FScan Touch video (seven minutes)

User Link: none found.

Waveforms: The reason waveforms are important is this: a square wave is so-called because it has an almost instantaneous rise in energy from zero to one, and a rapid fall time. Consequently, for most of its duration, the energy remains at peak level. This means that square waves act exactly like a steam-hammer on pathogens. Square waves also produce far more harmonics than most other waves.

A sine wave, on the other hand, rises and falls smoothly in energy level. For organ and system stimulation, this kind of powerful and smooth pulsing is exactly right.

The more exotic waveforms, like those provided in the BCX Ultra, are there for your own experimentation and research.

Finally, yes, a Rife machine is expensive. But real wealth lies in your heart, not in your bank account. And when the money we’ve all spent our lives working for and chasing after finally becomes what it truly is - brightly-coloured pieces of paper and shiny little pieces of metal - a Rife machine will become valuable beyond your wildest dreams once you’ve learned how to use it well.

Because you will be a true healer, of man and animal. And in every human society that has ever existed on the face of this Earth, such healers have always been valued as pearls beyond price. Your fellow men will safeguard you with their lives if necessary. Because your knowledge will safeguard theirs.

Essentials & Resources

Here are some priceless sources of information and frequencies, the first two of which I consider essential if you’re treating for demodex mites and Dictyostelium discoideum.

DNA Pathogen Frequencies: Char Boehm’s company website. Frequency sets to target essential genetic components of demodex mites and Dictyostelium discoideum. Sets are developed using Char’s patented DNA frequency identification process. Each individual set costs $10-20 and an agreement form must be downloaded, signed, and returned before email delivery. This is designed to protect intellectual property rights (Char’s hard work, in other words). A great many other sets for difficult-to-treat organisms are also available, as well as grouped sets for common human pathogens, including childhood illnesses.

Frequency Foundation: Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s frequency subscription service. Dr. Sutherland is a highly-respected physicist and seasoned frequency researcher. His demodex frequencies killed all my mites in six days. He has developed many highly unusual and invaluable frequencies, including some for radiation sickness. His service costs $160 per year and is highly regarded as a source of effective frequency sets that target all stages of a pathogen’s life cycle. Dr. Sutherland’s blog (revealed when you close the subscription panel) deals with all aspects of frequency medicine, medical politics, new diseases, and much, much more. Well worth perusing.

The Rife Handbook: Dr. Nenah Sylver’s 700-page-plus book of frequency sets, Rife machine information and tips, holistic medicine, recipes and protocols, medical politics and history, and a lot more besides. It contains all the free lists together with many others from respected researchers and some that are hard to find elsewhere. Even if you don’t intend to use Rife technology, Dr. Sylver’s mammoth book is a goldmine of vital health information. It’s available in two formats - hardcover ($112.50 plus shipping), and eBook/PDF ($39.95 electronic delivery). Another version of the eBook which also contains Dr. Sylver’s “Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy” is available for $71.95. The website states that the eBook/PDF won’t work on a Mac. Works fine on mine. But she provides a link to download a sample chapter so you can check.

Electroherbalism: This is the official home of the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL), a vast master-list of known frequencies. This website also hosts a plethora of other extremely useful lists as well as a large amount of information on naturopathic therapies. Some frequency lists are downloadable as PDF documents. All information is provided free of charge. (Note there are many other frequency collections available on the web - here, Google is your friend).

The Rife Forum: “An international forum for research into the microscope and resonance therapy developed by Royal Raymond Rife, as well as their modern counterparts.” It covers Rife machines, audio machines, and zappers, with sub-forums for many of the most popular machines. Populated by experts, clinicians, machine builders, sellers, frequency researchers, and users alike. You can read freely, but you must join (free) to post. The “New Members” sub-forum is usually well patrolled by experts. A donation of $10 or more gets you access to the Premium Area, where you can find educational audio, video, and text files, as well as independent reviews of various devices.

My Own Experience

To begin with, before my machine arrived I told my story on the Rife Forum and asked for advice on demodex. The reason I asked was because I knew that since Rife machines can also be used for animal health, I was unsure whether the freely available demodex set was actually for human mites or the canine variety (from my experience, I now believe they may be for dog mites).

But the wonderful Char Boehm kindly sent me a set she’d developed to target life-essential genes in the human mites’ DNA. This means that subsequent generations will be unable to develop properly and the infestation will die out over time.

The machine arrived and I started into the treatment. Char had warned me that perceptible progress might be slow due to the mites’ relatively long life cycle, and it was. So, impatient to be rid of them, I paid to access Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s frequency research and development site to get my hands on a new set he’d just developed for direct killing of demodex and used both sets every day.

After a fortnight alternating each set daily, there was some progress, but it was still disappointingly slow. So I went back and reread Dr. Sutherland’s frequency set. And I found that I had, incredibly, somehow overlooked his instruction to set the machine to deliver each frequency for six minutes. And I’d forgotten to change the default on my machine from three.

Now I was finally starting to get somewhere. Six days later, all my mites were dead.

But I didn’t know that at the time.

Because I was still getting tickles - an alarming number of them. But they were now qualitatively different - weaker somehow, almost gentle. In an email to Toni, I described them as “half-hearted.” And as each hour went by, there were more and more of them.

To get an idea of the scale of what I was up against, please consider this:

There are about 100,000 hair follicles on the average human scalp. Up to 20 mites can live in each follicle. In a particularly florid three-year infestation, this means that up to two million mites could have been living on my scalp alone. Now try to estimate the number of hair follicles that also exist on the face and entire body and you’ll begin to see the problem. And that’s not even counting all the Demodex brevis mites present in sebaceous glands.

Although I’d killed a large number of them with mustard, by the time I started my first Rife treatment, they’d already made a huge resurgence because of my inability to continue with it.

I was aware that the mites’ gut fungus could be problematic. But I also believed I’d be able to deal with it using a general set of fungus frequencies.

Killing that vast number of mites in six days released mind-boggling amounts of that live fungus into my system. And I was unaware that in every follicle where a mite had died from mustard, that fungus was still present, although not causing any noticeable problems. But the new fungus I’d just released obviously sent some kind of chemical message through my system that reactivated all the quiescent ones.

And the end result was a hell that was 10 times worse than my original demodex infestation. Because although the individual tickles felt weaker, I was experiencing untold millions of them all over my body.

There was another problem I failed to foresee, too. The fungus almost immediately completely crashed my immune system, leaving me open to pathogens. And I quickly picked up the worst respiratory infection I’ve ever had. I couldn’t use the Rife machine because I had no diagnosis. There was no point in seeing my doctor, given her miserable history of misdiagnosis. And I knew she’d just prescribe an antibiotic anyway - the very last thing I needed with a dead immune system.

I re-examined the progress journal I’d kept throughout the rifing process. And I spotted the fact that on the seventh day after I’d increased frequency times to six minutes, the nature of the tickles abruptly changed from strong to “half-hearted.”

The mites were actually gone. In six days.

So what was causing the vast amounts of these softer tickles? It could only be the fungus, and I speculated that they could be due to it moving as it grew in my skin. So I tried long sessions using specific and general frequency sets for fungus, moulds, and yeasts.

And nothing worked.

I knew I was in big trouble, so I flailed about desperately looking for answers.

The next morning a contact sent me what I naively thought was the worst news I’d ever received - the fungus was bioengineered with an unnamed slime mould addition. And it was suspected that this organism might have the ability to mutate spontaneously.

A brand new organism for which there were no Rife frequencies.

And because slime moulds normally live only in leaf litter, not in human beings, no general frequency sets for them existed either.

My heart sank to my feet.

Then I emailed Char Boehm to tell her what I’d learned. But I knew she could do nothing without organism identification. And I could see no way of tackling a constantly mutating organism through its DNA anyway.

I tried using the Rife machine to resurrect my immune system as well as running every frequency set I thought might be even remotely relevant.

The tickles grew steadily worse. And the activity periods lengthened to fill almost all my daylight hours and extend far into the night.

One morning a week later I found another email from my contact in my inbox - the slime mould had been identified. It was Dictyostelium discoideum.

In desperation, I immediately started to research it.

That’s when I found the confirmation that seemed, finally and irrevocably, to slam the door shut in my face - this organism was indeed able to mutate spontaneously.

Which meant that even if a frequency could somehow be found, it could never be used more than once. Because a mutated organism or cell also has a mutated frequency signature.

A strange sense of acceptance and relief flooded through me, and I felt I’d finally run out of road.

So I went out to retrieve my package containing deliverance from its safe hiding place well away from my home. And when I got back, I sat and looked at it for a whole day.

After dinner, I decided that I’d mix up my “magic potion,” get into bed, and take it there.

I filled a glass of water, set it down on the kitchen table, and reached for the package to open it.

And then something very strange happened - I suddenly felt an absolutely irresistible compulsion to go out to the front room and turn on my computer again. I actually felt that I wasn’t in control of my body.

When it booted, my email program automatically opened - I’d set it up this way so I’d always remember to check my messages, brain fog or not. And my folder of Char Boehm’s correspondence was open. I couldn’t remember leaving it open the night before. But I must have.

Then I realised I should email her about Dictyostelium discoideum and send her the links to my research results in case the information might enable her to help those who came after me.

I felt an enormous sense of peace as I sat there with the light off and the window-blinds open, looking out at the rainy night and the people passing, and I no longer envied them their untroubled lives. I knew that this was the last time I’d see the road on which I grew up, and I wanted to remember the beauty of the black, bare trees under rain and the orange glare of the streetlights.

An hour passed.

My “New Mail” alert sounded.

It was Char. The links I’d sent had provided enough information for her to develop a frequency set that would work, given persistence and sufficient time.

When I looked out at the night again, the rain had stopped. Everything was silent and still. And I started to cry.

I won’t lie to you. The following days and nights were dreadful. But I felt driven to seek information on how an organism that normally lived in leaf litter could damage the human immune system so badly.

(And of course I still had emails to answer and people to advise as best I could, and assure them that they weren’t alone).

But what I found in those following days were most of the seeds of what was to become the last 22 pages you’ve just read and the next few I have still to write.

The strangest and most wonderful thing about it is that I felt guided to every single one of those seeds. But it was left to me to plant the forest they would become over the course of five intensive months.

A week passed. Then Char’s frequency set arrived. I programmed them into the machine and ran them. I felt no different. That night, I eventually managed to fall asleep at about five in the morning.

When I awoke five hours later, I found that a visible green crusty “collar” had been extruded from every follicle on my body. When I took one between my fingers, it crumbled into dust that felt like the finest of talcum powders. Some of my follicles were very painful, but this faded as the day passed.

The next few days were similar, with the number of “collars” reducing all the time. I still had the tickles, but they were fewer and life was becoming bearable again.

I wrote to Char to thank her.

My days became nothing but rifing and research. After a fortnight, I still had tickles. Impatient for them all to be vanquished, I increased each frequency’s exposure time to six minutes.

And again, the difference was dramatic - in four or five days, my life became almost normal again, almost wonderful.

And then I found the information you’ve read in the “Our Future” section. I already had all the whats and hows - and now I had the whys. And because that information was time-sensitive, I realised that I now had to make a choice.

I could continue spending hours out of each day on my own treatment and possibly miss the vital time window I had to share my findings. Or I could stop spending those hours on myself and use them to find more supporting independent evidence.

I’ll be honest with you now and tell you that 10 years ago I would have had to think about that choice.

No more.

But please don’t think me any sort of a hero. I’m not. Lying in bed at night, I’ve given this a great deal of thought. And I now know that my choice was essentially driven by cowardice. Because I knew that the day would come when I would have to stand before my Creator in the full and unbearable knowledge that I had failed my fellow human beings at a time when I knew in my heart and soul it was most vital not to.

And a choice like that is no choice at all.

As the weeks and months have passed, my tickles have slowly returned. I’m back to four hours sleep a night, but this has given me more time I’ve been able to use productively. My back pain has ramped up because I’ve had to stop taking the painkillers I’ve been on since 2004. And these same drugs, which my doctor assured me were safe to use daily, have apparently long been known to be injurious to the liver - something she obviously couldn’t be bothered to research. More pain - and now nausea - to deal with.

Life is not so wonderful anymore, and not so normal. But really I’m not worried.

Because I gotta Rife machine! And I’m going to use it - with malice and intent.

But I have a few more pages to finish first. And I will. Then I’ll finally destroy this plague for good. I’ll sort out my liver and banish my back pain. I’ll say goodbye to insomnia and bring my prostate back to normal. I’ll deal with the last remnants of my osteoporosis and repair my ravaged immune system.

I’ll finally be able to meditate without feeling guilty over 20 stolen minutes and get back to my dowsing (yes, in the slim cracks I somehow managed to learn how to dowse properly from a professional dowser).

And I’ll finally be able to sit in my garden, take stock of the world, and watch the intricate and wondrous flower of our universe unfold around me.

But I’ll still be here, checking my email and watching for signs of anything I believe people should know.

Because despite all the suffering and misery it’s brought to my door, I’m truly grateful to have had this awful infestation. It has taught me the two most important things I believe a human being can ever learn:

We are all connected. And we are not alone.

If I Knew Then...

...what I know now, I’d do things a lot differently. But please remember I was dealing with a particularly florid infestation from head to toe. If your situation is not so severe, you should safely be able to cut back somewhat on the targets I’d set for myself as follows:

1. I wouldn’t rife for demodex at all until I’d treated with Char Boehm’s Dictyostelium discoideum set every day for a month - 10 minutes each frequency (200 minutes). By doing this, I’m going to damage the mites’ ability to digest keratin properly, and many may die. I’m also releasing their gut fungus very slowly. And when I come to kill all the demodex, I’ve pushed the mutation rate of every gut colony so much that they’re all different organisms which now may have difficulty in successfully breeding sexually - and may have to resort to asexual reproduction. In the meantime, I’d try to do the full mustard regimen at least every third day, with one night-time mustard body lotion application every night before bedtime.

2. After a month, my rifing routine would become: Day 1 - Char Boehm’s DNA set for demodex (10 minutes each frequency - 180 minutes). Day 2 - Char Boehm’s DNA set for Dictyostelium discoideum (10 minutes each frequency - 200 minutes). Day 3 - Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s DNA killer set (six minutes each frequency - 108 minutes). Then back to Day 1 routine and continue this rotation. I’d ease back on the mustard to one full routine every fourth day, and a night-time lotion application every second night.

3. I wouldn’t be tempted to stop rifing when symptoms disappear. Instead, I’d continue the three day rotation - but add in one extra day without any rifing each week until I’m just doing one of the three sets per week. If things were still OK, I’d increase that to one session a fortnight and keep that regimen up for maintenance (remember, demodex will readily reinfest you from normal social contact). I’d stop the mustard lotion and just use mustard in the shower once a week.

4. On my “days off,” I wouldn’t be idle - I’d be using the machine to boost my immune system, restore proper thyroid function, destroy all other parasites/pathogens, chelate heavy metals, treat my other ailments, and do everything I could to bring every body system and organ back online and functioning optimally. And I’d be practising my new raw food recipes, juicing every day, and drinking only distilled water and food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

Above all, I would accept that I’m going to have setbacks, because these things are tough and they’re fighting for their lives. So I’d know to expect increased activity and sensation changes. And that’s why I’d keep doing the mustard - because whatever walks upon my skin is going to be damaged by it. I’d accept a long slow war of attrition any day rather than the hell I went through thanks to my lack of knowledge and experience.

If the human hand hadn’t interfered, systemic demodicosis would be a walk in the park to eradicate. But clever men, who went home every evening to dine with their wives and children, were given obscene sums of money to make this condition bullet-proof. I don’t envy them their unavoidable little chat with God. But, in the end, they failed. These organisms aren’t bullet-proof - but your bullets must be armour-piercing, depleted uranium, explosive dumdum rounds.

And the Rife machine is your gun.

Tips on Rifing

The single most important thing about using a Rife machine is that you MUST know what you’re rifing for. In the same way that an antidepressant will do nothing to help with gastroenteritis, the lethal frequencies for demodex mites will have no effect at all on Bird Mites, red mites, scabies, or any other organism under the sun. Because every type of organism has its own unique frequency signature.

In emails to all my correspondents, I have emphasised again and again how vitally important it is to KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

If you don’t, your Rife machine road just became a good deal rockier.

You can try using what are called “general sets.” These are frequencies that target a known range of insects, or body systems common to many. It is very probable that I didn’t give them enough time to work, or run them for long enough, but I found these of little value to me. I was using the BCX Ultra, which has the third highest output in the list above, so maybe they would work effectively using a much higher-powered machine like the GB4000/MOPA/Plasma Tube combo to run them for longer - in comfort or while sleeping.

A better bet would be to run the 3.3 MHz Rife & Hoyland Sweep. This will kill every virus, bacteria, and fungus in your entire home (and probably your neighbour’s as well), so there’s no doubt that it will hit the frequency needed to perturb your own particular pest - and, believe me, you’ll know when that happens. But the only machines I know for certain can do this sweep are the GB4000 combos. In theory, it should be possible with some other true Rife machines (but not the BCX Ultra), but I can’t say for sure. Requirements are that the machine be able to sweep, and also be capable of “gating” with any frequency between 75-1,300 Hz.

If you decide to buy one of these, and you don’t have a reliable pest identification, my advice is to email the manufacturer before you buy, ask if their machine can run this sweep, and whether they provide instructions to program it. You can direct them to this
web-page for a technical description. It may be that you have to buy a plasma tube and possibly an amplifier to do it, in which case I would reconsider the GB4000 packages.
  • When you rife, you kill pathogens which must be removed from your body via the kidneys. But remember it’s possible to overload your eliminative system with toxins if you’re not careful. This is called a Herxheimer Reaction and some symptoms are lower back pain, headache, joint pains, and nausea.
  • The solution par excellence is to drink at least a full pint of distilled (or at least purified) water before each rifing session, another pint during it, and a third one after it. This is the equivalent, if you’ll excuse the metaphor, of an internal toilet flush. If you still end up in trouble (unlikely but possible), always have a pack of activated charcoal capsules handy and take the standard adult dose. Don’t worry if you don’t feel any Herxheimer reaction - some people don’t - but do continue to hydrate to help flush all the dreck out of your body efficiently.
  • If you use metal electrodes or footplates, always wrap them in a single sheet of paper kitchen towel that’s been dampened (not soaked) with tap water or salt water. This dramatically increases conductivity into the body and prevents metal ions from entering the skin.
  • Before you start rifing, always switch off and unplug from the wall socket every electrical appliance in the room (ceiling lighting is fine). Turn off your cell phone completely so it can neither make nor receive calls. If you have a wi-fi computer network, a portable phone RF base-station, or anything else that communicates wirelessly in your home, turn it off and unplug it. If you have a Smart Meter, rife as far from it as possible.
  • Always try to do your sessions before five or six in the evening. When you rife, the energy excites every cell in your body, and it takes time for them to return to their normal state. This means that if you do a session too late in the evening, you WILL have trouble sleeping - I can guarantee that from personal experience.
Anyway, if you do decide to invest in a Rife machine, rest assured it will make a huge difference to your health and wellbeing.

I wish you the very best with it.

Finally, An Announcement

Because my life has changed so much over the past three years, some things I had thought important to me now stand revealed as futile vanity.

Many futures exist, but each one is only a misty possible future.

It is what we do today - now - that decides which of these possible futures will solidify out of the mist and unfold before us.

So I’ve stopped futzing around with possibilities and decided to deal with what is up-close and real - right now.

As a result, I’ve been able to free up resources that were originally intended for other purposes after my death.

And I’ve now used some of those resources this week (14 Aug 2012) to buy a new GB4000/MOPA/Plasma Tube combo and an FScan Compact with DIRP.

So I will now have three Rife machines, one a high-powered monster, another a mid-powered unit, and the third essentially an audio/RF frequency device with onboard diagnostics.

This will enable me to do all my own treatments while I sleep (using the GB4000 package), then use all three machines during the day for other nefarious purposes.

I’m also happy to say that three other members of our little global community has also bought the GB4000/MOPA/Plasma Tube combo, and we will be supporting each other over the coming weeks.

Watch this space...

Next, a health tool that punches way above its weight.
The zapper...