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The first known use of electricity as a healing tool was in ancient Egypt, where electric eels were applied to the body to heal certain diseases. And down the centuries, electricity and magnetism have been standing quietly in the background, healing without any fuss or controversy.

That all changed when the Rockefeller dynasty decided in the early 1900s that pharmaceuticals were the way to make vast amounts of money in the health business. And so the use of energy medicine was heavily discouraged, and eventually virtually outlawed.

In the mid-1980s, a naturopath named Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark invented an electronic device called a Syncrometer with which she was able to identify the frequencies of parasites and microbes in the human body. She went on to write a number of books and in 1993 invented the device we know today as the zapper. She refused to take a patent out and actually published the plans and circuit diagrams that enabled people to build their own for just a few dollars.

Of course, the FDA attacked her like the rabid bull terrier it is, and she was driven into exile in Mexico.

Dr. Clark’s zapper was battery-powered and used a single high audio frequency to kill all parasites. But it had to be used in combination with her Parasite Cleanse Kit - black walnut hulls, wormwood, and cloves. This is because her zapper was not capable of penetrating as deep as the gut.

Unfortunately, her Syncrometer was very expensive to produce, and required a training course and at least six months of daily practise before you could use it properly. It also required the purchase of expensive calibration and testing materials.

Since Dr. Clark’s time, other developers have entered the scene with variations on her original machine. Some are actually frequency generators, described on the previous page. Others utilise up to three and more high audio frequencies. Still others use low audio waves instead.

To be honest, I found researching zappers to be a depressing and debilitating business. With very few exceptions, manufacturers appear to regard themselves as gunslingers lounging around Dodge City and dedicate most of their websites to telling us how useless their competitors’ products are and how wonderful their own is.

The sad truth is that they’re more like teenage boys trying to shout each other down, “Mine is the biggest! No! Mine is the biggest!”

Nevertheless, although I’ve been unable to find any rigorous studies on their effectiveness, it’s indisputable that they work - some much better than others. But it is unknown exactly how they work. And implacable AMA/FDA suppression means it may never be known.

Strangely, many US-made zappers prohibited for medical use there have been certified for European medical use. And zappers and Rife machines are accepted by many European medical professionals and the public alike. They’re used in Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and other former Soviet states, and also in Canada and South Africa.

Some who profess authority claim that the zapper’s low-voltage DC current simply electrocutes pathogens and parasites. Others state that the embedded audio frequency piggy-backed on the electricity creates enough harmonics to kill all harmful organisms.

For me, though, the single biggest drawback to the zapper is that it functions exactly like a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Because it isn’t targeted at specific pathogen frequencies, it kills all bacteria - not just the bad ones. Which means that the friendly bacteria that constitute up to 75% of our immune system die, too.

While people with strong immune systems may be able to tolerate short to medium term use, I believe it would be a bad idea for those with pre-existing immune system damage to embark on a long treatment plan with any kind of a zapper other than a frequency generator - which only uses targeted frequencies and so does no such damage.

That said, one of my correspondents has used a zapper to kill demodex mites with good success, but the treatment had to be stopped because it loosened mercury amalgam dental fillings and exacerbated other health problems.

Back when I had to stop doing my mustard treatments, I came across zappers as well as Rife machines. Although they seemed to hold out much promise, the more I researched them, the fainter that promise seemed to become. Although it was very tempting to try to save money, my grandfather’s advice kept repeating in my mind: “Buy cheap, buy twice.”

So I rationalised buying the more expensive option like this:
  • My health is indisputably the most precious and valuable thing I own.
  • Without my health, every new day is a trial - so life becomes an intolerable burden.
  • Without my health, I can never earn another penny.
  • If I spend this money, and get well, I can easily earn enough pennies to recover its cost.
  • If I spend this money, and get well, I can find joy and peace again in every new day.
  • From a head-cold to bowel cancer, I’ll never have to worry about any disease again.
  • And I’ll never have to take another drug or suffer horrible side effects again.
For me, this was a no-brainer - so I bought the BCX Ultra Rife machine without a second thought.

And so, my friends, this is a shorter page than I thought it would be. Although I’ve found zapper users who claim cures for Lyme Disease, cancer, and other serious diseases, the lack of a solid scientific framework against which the technology could be judged left me with serious misgivings about advising others to spend a considerable sum of money on something that might work - and might not.

For this reason, and because of the wide-spectrum approach of zappers and the possible immune system complications, I can’t in all conscience recommend any of the fixed frequency zappers for the treatment of systemic demodicosis. I believe the best non-Rife machine option is a programmable zapper - which is actually a frequency generator.

I’ve detailed three of these on the previous page so I won’t repeat myself here. They are the Resonant Light ProGen II 4050, the Pacific Health Programmable Blaster 1.5 MHz, and the FScan Compact.

However, since the purpose of this website is to provide accurate and helpful information, should any zapper manufacturers read this and wish to educate me further - with documentation and links please - I’d welcome their helpful input and be more than willing to update this page as required.

However, having said all of the above, there is area connected with zapping that I’m happy to recommend because there’s known science behind it - Dr. Bob Beck’s protocol, discussed further down the page.

A Suggestion

If, as a demodicosis sufferer, you’re happy about people coming into your home, and happy going into other people’s homes, here’s something you should consider:

First, sit down and calculate what you and your immediate household spend on doctor visits, tests, and drugs (including OTC) over the course of a year.

With a top-quality Rife machine, that’s money you’re going to save from now on. So your budget may be quite a bit bigger than you think.

But here’s the best bit: you don’t have to own a Rife machine outright.

Suppose you have $1,000 available to spend.

Count the number of people you know with personal or family health problems, or people unhappy with medical bills or treatments. If you can find four family members, close friends, or neighbours each willing to invest $1,000, you can buy the most powerful Rife machine on the market - the GB4000/MOPA/Plasma Tube combo.

If your budget is $500, find another four who can spend $500 each and you can buy the BCX Ultra. With 10 people, you can buy a GB4000/MOPA/Plasma Tube combo.

And for $400 each, five people can buy the Pacific Health Programmable Blaster - Multi-Wave. With 12, get a GB4000/MOPA/Plasma Tube combo.

It’s a far better option to go for the best and most powerful true Rife machine you can possibly afford than it is to spend your money on an audio-only frequency generator or a limited frequency zapper.

Each person could take turns hosting the machine for a month or so in a “treatment room” in their homes. Or designate one person’s home as the permanent “Rife clinic.” It’s up to you to work out the nitty-gritty.

While, for some diseases, daily - and even twice-daily - treatment is indicated, for many others, like tumours or Lyme Disease, you should only treat every three or four days because of Herxheimer reactions. So no matter how ill any member of your little “Rife Health Club” is, no one will ever lose out on treatment this way.

This is exactly what many people with life-threatening illnesses and low budgets have done - and it’s what I’d do, too.

By doing so, you’ll be taking responsibility and effective control over your own health back into the hands of the person who knows you best and cares about you most.


The Beck Protocol

Dr. Robert Beck was a highly-respected physicist and inventor of the electronic flash-bulb whose interest in energy medicine was kindled when he saw a report that two doctors at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine had discovered a reproducible cure for cancer, AIDS, Gulf War Syndrome, and biowarfare plagues.

This consisted of passing microcurrents through flowing blood - eliminating all infections and quickly restoring full immune system function. The method devised by the two doctors - which was patented, then quickly suppressed - involved moving the blood to outside the body, then electrifying it in a machine that functioned much like a kidney dialysis machine.

Dr. Beck quickly came up with a non-invasive way to achieve the exact same effect by simply applying electrodes to the blood vessels in the wrist. This kills or disables all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens present in the blood. After experimentation, he realised that he needed a way to kill organisms hiding in the lymphatic system, body tissue, and root canals. So he built a magnetic pulser that did exactly this.

Dr. Beck also designed the best zapper that was ever made. But unremitting pressure and harassment by the FDA of his device manufacturers forced them to discontinue making it. Yes, the FDA really cares that much about your safety - now, wanna buy a bridge? Cheap?

The Protocol has four elements:

1. Blood electrification:
Achieved by applying low-voltage DC current to the radial arteries in the wrist together with a single low audio frequency (the Schumann Earth Resonance) - using the Silver Pulser.

2. Tissue electrification:
Achieved by using a magnetic pulse generator which induces electrical fields in tissue and the lymphatic system - using the Magnetic Pulser.

3. Ingestion of ionic colloidal silver:
Colloidal silver had been extensively used in medicine before the advent of antibiotics. Dr. Beck invented a method of creating it at home cheaply and easily - using the Silver Pulser.

4. Ingestion of freshly ozonated water:
Dr. Beck discovered that adding ozone to drinking water increased the speed of toxin elimination. So he invented a machine to do it cheaply - the Water Ozonator.

Dr. Beck’s Protocol is deceptively powerful and is used to cure cancer (it’s endorsed by the CancerTutor website). It’s also believed to be harmless to the immune system. There are also a number of essential precautions that must be followed - no alcohol, no nicotine, no coffee or tea, no vitamins, no supplements, no drugs of any kind, no herbs, no seasonings, no garlic or members of the onion family, no pacemakers, and no pregnancies.

The Dr. Bob Beck Protocol Kit from SOTA.

The Silver Pulser, Magnetic Pulser, and Water Ozonator are all available to buy separately. But the best way is to get the Protocol Kit which includes all three for $850 plus shipping. If you buy it from this website, you can get it for $765 plus shipping by entering the discount code you’ll see on the page.

Note that blood, tissue, and lymphatic system electrification can also be done with a Rife machine using the correct frequencies.

And because I know I’m going to get email asking me which zapper my correspondent used, here it is - the ParaZapper UZI:

The ParaZapper UZI zapper.

This is a battery-powered zapper with decent-looking specifications and some Rife and Clark frequencies onboard. For $248 plus shipping, you get the zapper, copper electrodes, footplates, rechargeable batteries, and a two-hour charger, with other packages also available.

Just remember one thing - if you buy this or any other zapper, and it doesn’t work, you’ve just thrown your money away. Money that would have helped you to buy a Rife machine instead. I can’t say whether a zapper like this will solve your infestation problem or not because I’ve only received a progress report from my correspondent, not a final result.

So please think it through carefully before you commit.

Now for a spectacularly successful healing therapy that will surprise you:
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