And There Was Light...

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Want to see is a miracle of healing?

The first two photographs below are of a young girl named Grace Shirlow who was expected by doctors to die after being terribly burned in a fire (all images are taken from “Let There Be Light,” by Darius Dinshah S-C N).

The admitting surgeon said of her injuries, “There is no use in trying to do anything with this.”

Grace01 Grace01a
Grace’s side and back show the dreadful injuries she received.

Grace’s skin over four-fifths of her trunk, and even the casings of her muscles, were completely destroyed.

The second set of photos were taken 18 months later.

Grace02 Grace02a
Grace healed with no scarring.

Grace has no cheloidal (scar) tissue - her entire skin has regenerated and is brand new. She looks exactly like what she is - a normal, healthy, happy child.

So what superhuman surgeon wrought this medical miracle?

Kate W. Baldwin MD FACS, former Senior Surgeon of the Women’s Hospital in Philadelphia.

But Dr. Baldwin used no scalpels.

And no drugs or other medicines either.

On seeing Grace for the first time, Dr. Baldwin said, “There is nothing in regular medicine or surgery that can make that child live. If I can make her live, it has got to be by something else. We will see what Spectro-Chrome will do.”

You’re looking at the healing effects of light and colour - due entirely to Dinshah Spectro-Chrome Therapy.

And page 62 of the March, 1980 edition of the Reader’s Digest described how children under 12 who had lost the entire top joints of fingers in accidents regrew them entirely in three months: flesh, bone, skin, nail, nail-bed, and cuticle - but only if no surgery had been performed.

Below are just a few of the illnesses Dr. Baldwin used Dinshah Spectro-Chrome Therapy for:

Cataracts, glaucoma, corneal ulcers, high fevers, acute infections, otitis media, tonsillitis, infected adenoids, advanced TB, bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, functional and organic heart disorders, thrombosis, cardiac lesions, gastric ulcers, tumours, cancers, goitres, haemorroids, abscesses, carbuncles, bowel and kidney/bladder stimulation, paralysis, neuritis, palsies, drug addictions (including alcoholism and cigarettes), asthma, hay fever, common colds, laryngitis, oral and dental disorders, rheumatism, rheumatic fever, lumbago, sciatica, gonorrhea, syphilis, meningitis, radium and x-ray burns, septic conditions, sprains, bruises, wounds, and many others.

Here’s what Dr. Baldwin wrote about the therapy:

“For about six years I have given close attention to the action of colours in restoring the body functions, and I am perfectly honest in saying that, after nearly 37 years of active hospital and private practise in medicine and surgery, I can produce quicker and more accurate results with colours than with any or all other methods combined - and with less strain on the patient. In many cases, the functions have been restored after the classical remedies have failed.

I would close my office tonight, never to re-open, if I could not use Spectro-Chrome.”

The inventor of the therapy was a scientist, airman, humanist, and entrepreneur born in India of Iranian descent named Dinshah P. Ghadiali. His discoveries synthesized and illuminated the teachings and work of Sir Isaac Newton, Dr. Edwin D. Babbitt, and Dr. Seth Pancoast. He taught his system all over the US and India, and more than 80% of his students were medical doctors.

And then, out of nowhere, the American Medical Association Journal published a highly critical article. Almost immediately, most doctors who were using his system with great success stopped offering it to their patients. And the AMA/FDA persecution began in earnest.

He was brought to trial eight times, and served 18 months in jail - for medical “fraud.”

His equipment was seized, and his books publicly burned. In America, land of the free.

Injunctions were taken out to stop the transport of anything that bore his name across state lines.

The US Post Office refused to deliver mail to the non-profit Dinshah Spectro-Chrome Institute, stamped it “FRAUDULENT,” and returned it to the senders.

And in 1945, the Institute itself was burned to the ground in a “mystery” fire.

Yes, another one.

Tip: if you ever invent or discover a treatment that will hit medicine or Big Pharma in the pocket, you better take out fire insurance. Lots of it.

But Dinshah P. Ghadiali, who met Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, never gave up. He believed in man’s inherent goodness and nobility, and that the truth would always win out.

He died in 1966.

But his three sons continue to disseminate this great man’s discoveries to the world as best they can.

Incredibly, medicine has now started to quietly co-opt Dinshah’s discoveries as its own. It’s called “phototherapy,” and it uses lasers. This means that doctors get to charge big bucks for it. Personally, I’d avoid this like the plague and use the original myself, not an expensive and inferior copy.

Video: “The Dinshah Ghadiali Story - Let There Be Light!” Produced and narrated by Stephen Sindoni (27 minutes).

So how does colour therapy work?

Well, in exactly the same way that different frequencies of sound energy are musical pitches, so are colours different frequencies of visible light energy.

As you already know, each cell, organ, and body system has its own distinct frequency. When disease strikes, that frequency is altered. But it can be easily corrected by applying the original healthy frequency in the form of coloured light.

One of the most remarkable things Dinshah discovered was that the healing frequencies - or colours - exactly corresponded to those associated with the chakras. Chakras are the foundation stone of Ayurvedic medicine, and also form an important part of Tibetan and other Buddhist philosophies. And the aura is nothing more than the combination and interaction of all the chakra energy fields.

You need five things to perform it - the book “Let There Be Light!”, your Variant Breath Forecast for the year (explained below and sent with the book), a theatrical-style projector lamp and stand, a set of special colour filters, and a 40 watt incandescent bulb - NOT a CFL or any other type. You should still be able to find these for sale either locally or online since most countries are phasing out incandescents starting with the 100 and 60 watt bulbs. Buy a bunch.

Depending on what you’re treating (treatments are called “tonations”), you first consult your Variant Breath Forecast to find the optimum treatment times. You place your colour filter(s) into the lamp’s filter slot and turn it on. Then you either remove all your clothing (or bare the particular part of the body), and sit or lie down for an hour under the light - anywhere from 18 inches to about six feet away from it.

Generally, you will do this twice a day. Doing it while sleeping is not recommended because the light will interfere with melatonin production and you will not sleep well.

The book contains treatments for skin diseases and lesions, candida, thrush, athlete’s foot (fungus), filariasis, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, pinworms, Rocky Mountain fever, tick fever, thyroid disorders, immune deficiency, insect bites, dermatitis, Lyme Disease, parasitic arachnida (ticks and demodex mites are both parasitic arachnids), thyroid conditions (vital for immune system), and - useful for me as well - osteoporosis, enlarged prostate, insomnia, and chronic pain.

It also encourages you to get to know the targets and effects of particular colours because everything except death will respond to the therapy if used with knowledge and a modicum of intelligence. That way, you can experiment with different colours on yourself without doing any harm.

The Variant Breath Forecast: have you ever noticed how a head-cold always blocks one nostril more than the other? And how, later in the day, that blockage has switched to the other nostril? That’s because this is how your breathing works - but you only really notice it when your nasal passages are inflamed by a cold. It’s called Variant Breath and it means that the pressure in one nostril is higher than that in the other. This changes slowly through the day and is due to the influence of the Moon.

What Dinshah found out was that when the pressure in both nostrils is equal, his therapy is much more effective. This happens seven or eight times a day for approximately one hour. When you buy “Let There Be Light!” from the link below, you will receive a Variant Breath Forecast for your city or town.

Link: Website of the Dinshah Health Society. This is where you buy the book “Let There Be Light!” It comes with a Variant Breath Forecast, quarterly newsletters, a six-hour DVD (which also explains how to do your own forecasts), and a year’s membership of the Society. The cost is a ludicrous $20 plus shipping, and the book is also available in German or Chinese. There’s no online order facility but you can either print out a form or email your order (and request that your newsletters be emailed rather than posted). You’ll find their email address in section “F - Membership” further down the page. What you want is item “#1: Spectro-Chrome Information Package.”

US Link: The Products On Demand website. This is where you buy the special set of 26 6.5” x 6.5” Roscolene colour filters and the projector lamp with filter holder. You can buy a cheap tripod microphone stand at any musical instrument store and mount the lamp on it. The cost for the filters and lamp (Combo B) is $71.95 plus shipping. An additional set of 10 supplemental colour filters is available for an extra $16.95. But if you’re really stuck for cash, the book contains plans and instructions to make your own projector lamp out of a sturdy cardboard box. Note: UK and European customers shouldn’t buy from here because the lamp is built for the US electrical system. This means that non-American light bulbs won’t fit in the socket.

Europe Link: The Gera╠łte und Folien website. Various Spectro-Chrome kits available, or just the lamp, filters, and stand separately. They supply a 75 watt halogen bulb with their “Mini” set and a 75 watt incandescent bulb with the “Maxi.” Dinshah himself specified low-powered incandescent bulbs, but halogens are much preferable to CFLs. The lamp socket size is E27 (threaded).

UK customers may be better off sourcing a suitable POD projector lamp from a decent photographic supplies or camera shop, then buying the appropriate filters sized to fit it from the German or US sites above.

Note that the lamp suppliers will also sell you the book, but it won’t come with a Variant Breath Forecast (which is pretty essential). And no other colour filters will do - Dinshah examined them all and found that the Roscolene ones almost exactly matched his own original glass filters.

Link: NCBI paper entitled “A Critical Analysis of Chomotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution” by Samina T. Yousuf Azeemi and S. Mohsin Raza.

Link: InnerSelf article by Romy Rawlings entitled “Color Therapy.”

Link: Another InnerSelf article by Helen Graham entitled “Color Therapy and Healing - Twentieth-Century Science.”

Link: A third InnerSelf article, also by Helen Graham, entitled “Color Therapy Through the Ages.”

My Own Experience

This therapy was recommend to me by a natural healer. Because the cost was so low, I bought everything I needed to use it, but never did because I also bought the “nuclear option” of a Rife machine. So I can’t report personally on its effectiveness for demodicosis and its attendant mould and fungal problems.

However, I tried sleeping under a yellow filter and found that mite activity and itching was definitely reduced. But I had to stop because I couldn’t fall asleep.

Now let’s take a look at the invisible.
Far Infrared Radiation...