The Heat of the Moment

Uploaded 25 Aug 2012

You are a heater.

A very particular kind of heater - because the human body is a natural emitter of Far Infrared Radiation (FIR). When you consider that we are all energy beings, this isn’t too surprising.

This is a major part of the reason why it feels so good to hug and cuddle. And it’s also the basis for so-called “healing hands” - because our palms and fingertips are particularly powerful emitters. Reiki and SHEN Therapy masters know how to manipulate and direct their own far infrared energy fields to effect treatments on others.

Infrared radiation was discovered by the astronomer William Herschel early in the 19th century. He called this kind of energy “calorific rays.”

Infrared radiation is energy that has longer wavelengths than visible light. Most of the Sun’s energy reaches the earth as infrared radiation. It’s divided into three sub-bands - near infrared, mid infrared, and far infrared. Each of these heats in a different way and penetrates to a different depth.

Far infrared has the longest wavelengths (up to 1,000 micrometers) and the most thermal energy. It will penetrate up to 1.5 inches below the surface of the skin. Thereafter, the FIR frequency is transferred deeper into the body via cell and water excitation.

I wrote above that the human body is a natural far infrared radiation emitter. However, in illness, the body’s ability to do this reduces substantially, resulting in a lower core temperature. So, essentially, illness steals energy in the form of heat from the body.

One of the most important things an external source of FIR does is to re-stimulate and reinforce your own natural far infrared production. The result is to switch on your body’s Innate Healing Response.

One remarkable thing about far infrared is that it transfers - or imprints - its energy frequency into water. It also greatly changes the molecular structure of water by making its clusters smaller so they can penetrate tissues deeper and easier.

And since you’re about 70% water, this not only helps to kick-start your own depressed FIR emission, it also excites the water molecules so that they start to shift embedded toxins into the bloodstream for elimination.

While volatile organic compounds like mycotoxins are simply vapourised.

Video: “How Does Far Infrared Really Work?” Ramona Melvin explains - and details some of the benefits (six minutes).

Conventional medicine uses infrared in physiotherapy, almost exclusively on joints, individual muscles, or muscle groups. Holistic healing treats the human body as a whole, so infrared is usually used systemically (although it can also be used locally).

Many people will, at some stage of their lives, have used an infrared lamp to relieve muscle pain or stiffness.

However, lamps are not optimal for either local or systemic treatment. This is because a lamp uses a lens to focus the energy into a beam. This beam has the highest energy at its centre point, and as you move towards the outer edge, the energy intensity drops. So you can never develop body-wide thermal energy delivery consistency using infrared lamps.

The human body was designed to have a consistent level of heat throughout - not hot and cold spots.

Two far more efficient ways to deliver FIR to the body are by using pads, or a sauna.

There are two types of FIR pads - conductors and radiators.

A conductive pad is usually flexible and can be wrapped around the body, or body part. However, because it’s conductive, it suffers from the same problem as lamps - uneven heat distribution. It will also usually have electrical wiring and metal throughout - and so it emits an electromagnetic field. Not a good idea.

The MPS Global Far Infrared Pad - a radiator pad.

For reliable and consistent body area treatment, a radiator pad is needed.

These can’t be used as a “wrap” because they’re built from a different type of material which is stiff - the very best ones are made from a special kind of carbon fibres (called Active Carbon Fibres) composed of whole zirconium crystals. These have no wiring and no metal parts and so emit no harmful EMFs.

You can lie on them or under them, or prop them against a wall to straight-line aim the rays at the area of the body you wish to treat.

They’re made by just one company - MPS Global, Inc. And I own two of them that I got from this delightful lady - Ramona Melvin. Ramona fully recovered from Morgellons and Lyme by using Far Infrared Radiation in conjunction with nutrition and other detox products.

Video: Ramona Melvin runs Healing Grapevine. Here, she demonstrates one very easy way to use an MPS Global FIR Pad (two minutes).

Link: The MPS Global FIR Heating Pad, from Healing Grapevine. This page also contains two very good videos about these pads.

Link: A good explanation of the benefits and usages of the pad, from the Far Infrared Shop website.

However, if you’re dealing with a total systemic skin condition, remember that the skin is one single organ. So you will always get quicker and better results if you treat it that way.

And that means a FIR sauna.

MPS Sauna
The MPS Global one-person FIR sauna.

As you can see from the photograph, there are three large carbon panels in this sauna, one on either side of the seat and one behind it (there’s also another half panel on the ceiling). Each one of the large panels is equivalent to two of the standalone pads above. Which means that this sauna essentially has seven of them, giving total skin coverage.

These come in kit flat-packs, and two people should be able to put one together in about an hour or two.

Link: The MPS Global one-person FIR sauna, from Healing Grapevine. There’s also a two-person version available - this is wheelchair-accessible. It has 6.5 panels, equivalent to 13 standalone pads.

Video: Ramona demonstrates her two-person sauna (two minutes). Note that this is an earlier design than the current one shown on the Healing Grapevine website.

Link: “My name is Emma. On 9/30/2004, I was crushed by a 300-pound oak tree limb in Pensacola two weeks following Hurricane Ivan, which left me with a spinal cord injury. Doctors gave me little hope for ever walking again.” A story of miraculous healing with FIR therapy, hosted on the Healing Grapevine website.

Link: The benefits of Far Infrared Radiation. Includes a 22-minute audio talk by Dr. Hildegard Staninger.

Link: Downloadable PDF file on the unique benefits and clear medical advantages of the MPS Global Active Carbon Fibre technology. Includes tips on doing a cost/benefit analysis. This is well worth reading. In fact, it’s convinced me to buy one for long-term health as soon as I can earn some money!

It’s important to understand that a steam-based or ceramic sauna will NOT deliver the benefits of uniform body heating or precision far infrared radiation delivery. With the MPS Global system, the objective is not to sweat poisons out of the body (although it WILL make you sweat by inducing hyperthermia) - but rather to reactivate your own built-in healing and detoxification mechanisms at the cellular level - the Innate Healing Response.

Conventional saunas can’t do this - only Active Carbon Fibre technology. A different sauna concept entirely.

My Own Experience

It’s apparently possible to construct a makeshift sauna using a single MPS Global FIR pad and a duvet or thick blanket. However, I use a sleeping bag so I couldn’t try this.

I did try Ramona’s technique of placing the pad under my bed and leaving it on while I slept. But I turned the heat level too high and melted one of the internal rubber supporting walls in my air-bed. Consequently, my experience with these pads is limited to short daytime uses for back pain and to help toxin elimination after using a Rife machine.

The pad made a big positive difference when used like this.

However, I cannot say that a pad will eliminate demodex. I can say that it will help to activate your Innate Healing Response - just don’t use it with a rubber air-bed!

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