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Uploaded 31 Aug 2012

I could kick myself.

I spent four days gathering links and videos to introduce you to the topic of Emotional Freedom Technique - commonly called Tapping - and had a whole page written to show you how it’s done and the theory behind it.

And then I found another link.

Not just any old link, but a link to the website of the man who developed it from the original core discovered by Dr. Roger Callahan into the healing powerhouse it is today. Dr. Callahan’s precursor is named TFT, or Thought Field Therapy, and the man who saw how it could be expanded and applied to almost any problem, emotional or physical, is engineer Gary Craig.

I neglected to follow up on Gary after I read that he’d retired and was no longer operating the original website set up to teach EFT, Emofree.

However, I then found out that he’d set up another website specifically to gift his discovery to the world - free.

So I’ve scrapped my own deathless prose and will leave the floor to the master.

I’ll just say this: you may be thinking, “How on earth can any emotional therapy help me with a very physical infestation problem?”

And the answer comes in three parts:

First, EFT deals with the human body’s energy field through its acupuncture meridians - but uses no needles.

Second, we’ve already discovered that the immune system - and the entire autonomic nervous system - is controlled by the unconscious mind. Consequently, the unconscious mind both directly and indirectly controls the energy body.

And, third, meridians are direct access points to reprogramming the unconscious mind.

As a result, this page is probably now the shortest one you’ll have to read.

Please note that belief is not required for EFT to work.

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep” - William James, American psychologist and philosopher (1842-1910).

So, without further ado, please read this important introduction first, and/or view the excellent video intro, then here’s how to Tap, courtesy of Gary Craig (click on the “Got to EFT Tutorial” button).

My Own Experience

I tried this for the first time yesterday (30 Aug 2012).

I tapped for Dictyostelium discoides, chronic insomnia, and chronic spinal pain. The results today:

1. It got me through a particularly bad bout of crawlies, itching, and irritation.

2. I slept for eight hours last night compared to four normally.

3. I have virtually no back pain sitting at the computer.

In addition, my appetite has gone through the roof.

AFT (Attractor Field Technique)

At first glance, AFT is very similar to EFT in that it also uses tapping on meridian points and affirmations of self-forgiveness. But it’s actually quite different.

It was devised by neuropsychologist Prof. Dr. Ronald Kurt Ebert and inspired by the work of David R. Hawkins MD PhD, author of "Power Vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior.” In this work, Dr. Hawkins presents the results of 25 years of historic research into human consciousness, energy fields, and quantum physics. AFT uses a disease and illness model based on Dr. Hawkins’s Levels of Consciousness (emotions, psychological process, life-view, God-view, and karmic influence).

AFT uses more meridians than EFT, tapping must be done at specified timings, and it requires precise numbers of taps. It’s also more specifically aimed at physical illness (including parasitic infections) than emotional or mental problems, although it can be used for these as well. The list of diseases and ailments is far too long to include here, but you’ll find it on the Attractor Field Technique page linked below.

One more unique thing about AFT is that its inventor has also translated the tapping routines for many groups of illnesses into audio frequency energy format and encoded them onto CDs, a process he calls Accutone. You don’t listen to these CDs (in fact, you should disconnect your loudspeakers). Instead, each CD comes with a small antenna which plugs into your CD player’s headphones socket and broadcasts the frequencies in a 40-foot radius so you can treat 24 hours a day (recommended for serious conditions).

Although Dr. Ebert maintains two practises in Pennsylvania, most Americans will likely never have heard anything about AFT. Its inventor, however, is very highly regarded globally, particularly in Eastern European states where he teaches and lectures regularly.

Although it’s more involved than EFT, this is a fascinating and very highly regarded treatment and one I intend to investigate fully as soon as I can find the time. Naturally, I’ll report my findings here.

Link: The Tree of Life Foundation - website home of Attractor Field Technique.

Link: Attractor Field Technique - the meridian tapping maps and the routines and sequences to use for hundreds of diseases and ailments.

Link: Downloadable PDF of the page above, suitable for offline use or printing.

Link: The Accutone CD Catalogue.

Link: Downloadable PDF of the AFT Stress Test - find the source of your stress or illness. Learn the specific ways that you look at and react to the world that are harmful to you. See the physical problems you are at risk of acquiring if you keep doing what you are doing now.

Link: An excellent one-page explanation of the AFT techniques and disease model, courtesy of Dr. Bob.

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