“Seek, and You Shall Find”

Uploaded 12 Sept 2012

There’s a story told in dowsing circles - possibly apocryphal (and certainly unverifiable) - that, back at the height of the Cold War, right after the launch of a new fleet of American nuclear submarines, a letter landed on the desk of the commanding Admiral.

In essence, it said, “I know where all US subs are stationed at any moment of the day or night. And I can prove it to you.”

The subordinate officers laughed it off as the work of a crank, but the Admiral was intrigued, and he felt he couldn’t take any chances.

Because almost the whole point of having a nuclear-powered submarine fleet is its undetectability - nuclear subs never have to surface, and so can never give their locations away. And this ability to hide for months on end is a huge deterrent to anyone thinking they might just get away with a first strike attack.

So the Admiral invited the letter-writer to come in and see him.

When the man arrived, uncomfortable in an unaccustomed and ill-fitting suit, he asked to be taken to the Map Room.

He requested a pair of rulers, then took an object on a thin chain out of his pocket.

It was a simple pendulum.

Five minutes later, the man had marked out all the positions he said were the locations of the US subs. The Admiral checked these against the courses plotted for all the sub Captains and given to them with their Orders.

To his utter astonishment, the stranger had pinpointed the exact location of every sub in the fleet at that moment in time.

“But I’m not finished yet,” said the man. And he leaned over the Map Table and started marking out other positions.

After a few minutes, he straightened up, turned to the Admiral, and said, “Now you know where the Russians are, too.”

That man was a legend in world dowsing named Vernon Cameron, inventor of the most accurate, sensitive, and versatile dowsing instrument ever made - the Cameron Aurameter.

From then on, the US Navy started to take dowsing very seriously indeed. But they were late to the party. Because the British Army engineering corps had been using it since World War One, and General Patton had used map dowsers to locate potable water supplies adequate for the Divisions poised to enter Germany towards the end of World War Two.

Most people have never heard of dowsing, and of those who have, the majority believe it’s only used for finding water (dowsing used to be called “water-witching” many years ago). But dowsing can be used to find ANYTHING - water, oil, mineral deposits, kidnap victims (dead or alive), buried treasure, lost or mislaid items, underground gas and electricity mains, strayed pets - and even information.

And an experienced dowser can use a map to locate things rather than having to be onsite.

Best of all though is that dowsing can also be used for healing, of self and others, in situ or at a distance.

So what’s going on here? What’s behind it?
From time immemorial, dowsers have sought to protect their livelihoods - and their lives - by obscuring the source of their abilities. And only in the last couple of centuries has that knowledge slowly been released. And it’s astonishing.

Because dowsers have always known that it was energies they were working with. They call these energies “The Field.”

And The Field is just another name for Source. And from Source, energies that will heal directly, and energies that jump-start the body’s own Innate Healing Response, can readily be accessed by dowsing.

But don’t you need to be psychic to dowse?
No. Everyone on the planet has the ability to dowse. It’s built-in, a part of our survival instinct. Unfortunately, modern life (and our self-appointed “masters”) have covered it up and hidden it from our view with a grubby old dust-sheet, and we no longer even know what it is.

But a gift like this, a gift that’s part of our very nature, doesn’t atrophy or fade. All we need to do is throw off the dust-covers and we can waken it from its dormant state to serve us once more.

Everyone can relearn to dowse.

Because I’m not qualified, I’m not going to teach you here, but I’ll link you to some wonderful resources that will.

But first I must point out a couple of very important things you need to learn before you start.

There are two “schools” of dowsing. The first, and best, is the traditional method. The second is the so-called “New Age” method.

Before they even pick up a pendulum, traditional dowsers ALWAYS perform two routines they consider essential for success. The first is called “Grounding” and it serves two purposes: it connects you firmly with all the beneficial earth energies, and it ensures that all etheric energies that seek to connect to you can pass safely through your body to the earth. You can think of it like the ground on your home electrical system that keeps you safe from electrocution.

Grounding is best done on earth, grass, stone (including natural - but not synthetic - concrete), slate or ceramic tiles, or real wood floors. Remove shoes and socks so your soles have good contact (when you get good at this, you’ll only need to remove shoes if they have leather soles - leather blocks life force energy). Take whatever position you use for meditation, either on the floor or sitting down.

Now visualise roots growing down from the soles of your feet into the earth (think “tree roots”). When you've got this firmly in your mind, visualise a thick tap-root growing down from your root chakra (base of the spine) into the earth so you have a triad of roots now connecting you.

Hold this vision of yourself rooted to the ground firmly in place for at least 60 seconds.

Now you can move on to the second routine - “Protection.”

There are two ways you can do this.

The first is to visualise a shimmering beam of white light from above entering you through your crown chakra and filling you with peace, love, and energy. Once you've got this, visualise this white light growing outward from your heart until it becomes a shimmering egg-like sphere that surrounds and envelops you. You must still feel yourself rooted to the earth while doing this. Hold this firmly in your mind for at least 60 seconds.

The second way is simply to say the Lord's Prayer, either aloud or in your mind. This is what traditional dowsers do when they're working outdoors (which is most of the time). The version I use is from the original Aramaic (for which thanks go to my teacher, David Green of the British College of Dowsing):

O Thou Cosmic Birther, from whom the breath of life comes,
Who fills all realms of sound, light, and vibration,
May Your light be experienced in my utmost holiest.
Your Heavenly Domain approaches.
Let Your will come true in the universe just as on earth.
Give us guidance and wisdom for our daily growth,
Detach the fetters of faults that bind us, like we let go the guilt of others.
Let us not be lost in superficial things ,
But let us be freed from that which keeps us from our true purpose.
From You comes the all-working will, the lively strength to act, the song that beautifies all and renews all from age to age.
Sealed in trust, faith, and truth.
I confirm this with my entire being.

New Age dowsers usually dispense with both of these. Consequently, their results tend not to be as accurate and trustworthy, and they leave themselves open to illness from noxious earth energies (water crossings, for example) and misdirection by lost or confused souls, or other attachments, and mischievous energies.

Traditional dowsers take steps to optimise their energy connectivity and to erect a shield against harm. If you wish to take up dowsing, you’d be well advised to do this, too. Because if you’re dowsing for health, you’re going to be granting access to your body to etheric energies, and you need to be absolutely sure that they’re beneficial and working for your best interests.

Remember, we still live in a Third Density universe where the polarity of positive and negative exists - and this applies to the energies in this universe, too.

How does dowsing work?
Doubters scoff that the pendulum moves because the dowser is moving it himself. This is absolutely true. The dowser IS indeed moving the pendulum - but he is completely unaware of and not in control of that movement. Here’s how to visualise what’s going on:

Find a straight stiff object like a bamboo cane. Put a cylindrical bottle or jar on a table and lay the cane across it. Now move the bottle very close to one end of the cane. Press down gently on the tip of the short end until the cane is level.

Now watch the tip of the long end as you press down slightly again on the short end. You’ll see that very tiny movements by your hand on the short end will translate to much larger movements of the long end.

We already know that our unconscious mind is our interface with Source. When you ask a question of Source, your unconscious mind receives the answer - not in words but in energy. To translate this Source energy, codes must be set up in advance by the dowser in a process that’s very like installing software on a computer - and is, in fact, called “installation.” Among other things, the codes instruct your unconscious mind how to signal different pendulum responses to indicate the answers to your questions. The following are common:

Yes: Pendulum swings directly ahead and back to you.
No: Pendulum swings from left to right (or vice versa).
Waiting for question: Pendulum swings diagonally left to right.
More input required: Pendulum swings diagonally right to left.
Installing codes/energy: Pendulum rotates clockwise.
Extracting noxious energy: Pendulum rotates anticlockwise.

When you ask a question, Source responds. Your unconscious mind translates the response into your prearranged codes, then sends tiny imperceptible impulses of energy along the nerves of your arm to the hand holding the pendulum. These impulses then cause the muscles to make micro-movements so that the pendulum responds in accordance with your codes to give you your answer.

Essentially, your unconscious mind is the “hand” subtly manipulating the short end of the cane, your arm and the pendulum chain correspond to the cane, and the pendulum bob is the tip of the long end.

What do you need in order to dowse?
Eventually, you may become so good at dowsing that you won’t need anything other than your own body. But to learn, you must have an instrument. The easiest one to learn with is the pendulum.

Pendulums can be exquisitely beautiful pieces of art that can be worn as jewellery and cost whatever you’re willing to pay. You can also buy one for a few dollars or Pounds. You can even use a washer or a nail on a piece of string. I used a key on a string to decide whether dowsing worked for me. It did - immediately - so I decided to buy an inexpensive pendulum. Mine cost me €10.

When you’ve learned to use the pendulum, you can then look into other instruments like the L-shaped rods, the Y-rod, the bobber, and combination instruments like the Cameron Aurameter.

You also need a childlike curiosity about the universe, and a questing spirit.

Most of all though, you need a willingness to practise your rediscovered ability for at least 10 minutes every day (and preferably 20).

Do fun stuff, like asking a friend to hide small objects in your home and searching for them. Do some mind-reading - ask your friend to either think a pleasant or an unpleasant thought. Then hold the pendulum over their head and ask, “Is (friend’s name) thinking a pleasant thought?” Deal out a deck of cards face down and dowse for their colours. Try searching for water veins or mains on your property. Dowse for information on which foods are best - and worst - for you. Do the same with vitamin and mineral supplements. Check supermarket foods for suitability and freshness.

Make time to do this every day so it becomes second nature. And, just like riding a bicycle, you’ll be ready to take the training wheels off before you know it.

Then, when you feel practised enough, and comfortable with the process, you can start dowsing your issues for real. You can also use dowsing to heal others from a distance, but I would strenuously advise against trying this until you’ve had at least 6-12 months of regular daily practise and use.

Your pendulum:
Some dowsers (mainly New Age) say it’s important to cleanse a new pendulum of the energies of those who handled it before you. Personally, I don’t believe this - unless the pendulum is a crystal, which DOES pick up energies and needs to be periodically cleansed (this can be done by leaving it on bare earth under the light of a Full or New Moon overnight, by leaving it under clean running natural water for 24 hours, or by covering it completely with sea-salt for 24 hours). If you buy metal, stone, or wood, you won’t have to do this.

I did it because I wasn’t sure if obsidian qualified as a crystal (it doesn’t).

When you buy a new pendulum, carry it on your person constantly for a week to allow your energy signatures to register with it. Once you’ve done this, it’s ready to be programmed.

Your Dowsing System:
Before you install your dowsing system, some dowsers believe it’s a good idea to see what your unprogrammed unconscious mind suggests as it own responses. To do this, sit at a table with your dominant arm resting on the elbow. Take the pendulum chain between your forefinger and thumb and allow the bob to dangle about 2-6 inches below (decide what feels most comfortable for you). The tips of your fingers should be pointing straight down at the table-top. Relax and clear your mind of all extraneous thoughts. Now say aloud:

“Please show me a Yes response.”

It can take 15 seconds to a minute for the pendulum action to become clear. If it’s very weak, say, “Please show me a stronger Yes response.”

Now do the same for a “No” response, a “Waiting for Question” signal, and a “More Input Required” response.

If you’re happy with the responses, you can incorporate them into your Dowsing System “software” installation (given in Walt Woods’s “Letter to Robin” document linked to below). If not, don’t worry - you can override them anyway with your choices at Dowsing System installation time.

Remember that we are all the same - and all different, too. Long-time dowsers (including teachers) grow into their own way of doing things over time, and many will have different methods and recommendations (for instance, Walt Woods recommends “training” your pendulum to deliver the responses you desire it to show).

The important thing is to realise that they’re all right - and just do what feels right and natural to you. It’s what’s in your heart that counts.

To test and calibrate your pendulum, ask it questions to which you already know the answers. If your name is Carol, ask, “Is my name Teresa?” “Is my name Bob?” Then “Is my name Carol?” And so on like this until you’re happy that you’re getting accurate responses every time.

Your all-important question:
The single most important thing in getting an accurate answer is to ask the right question. And this takes some thought because of the nature of the unconscious mind. Essentially, our unconscious minds possess an almost childlike simplicity and literal-mindedness when speaking the language of our conscious minds. And, until you become good enough to do chart dowsing, the only answers you can seek are either “yes” or “no,” or numerals, in a roundabout but effective sort of way.

But you can get wonderful results if your question is well formulated. Before you start your session, it’s a very good idea to sit down with pen and paper and write your questions out. Then refine them so that they’re unambiguous, concern one single aspect, and can be answered by a positive or negative answer. Compound questions like “Is my pet happy and healthy?” are really two questions, and should be posed as such - “Is my pet happy?” Then “Is my pet healthy?”

Realise that complex information can only be obtained by using a series of carefully thought out questions. For your own sake, it’s best to take time and care to phrase your questions in such a manner that there is no possibility of confusion.

Numerals can be dealt with by asking, “Is the number less than 1,000?” If yes, “Is it less than 500?” If no, “Is it more than 600?” If yes, “Is it more than 700?” If no, “Is it more than 650?” And so on until you’ve whittled it right down to the number itself.

When it’s time, empty your mind of everything but your question. Once you’ve asked it, immediately fill your mind with the memory of your emotions as an intensely excited and curious child on Christmas morning with your presents still waiting to be unwrapped - “I wonder what the answer is? I wonder what the answer is?”

If your question is about the future, remember that what we do in the Now shapes our tomorrows. Consequently, all futures are potential only. Your answers will reflect this reality.

When you’ve got the hang of doing this with ease and confidence, you’ll move on to chart dowsing. Charts are simply sheets of paper or card on which a range of up to 360 choices are laid out, somewhat like a protractor. But they can also form a structure like the bricks of a wall. You can also make “Easy Buttons” - single boxes with a clear spatial separation between them, each of which may contain a more complex answer than “yes” or “no.” You can even make an alphabet chart and ask that your answer be spelled out.

There are free charts available on the internet. There are also books for sale that contain complex and esoteric charts for specialist and very detailed use. Or you can make your own with plain white paper, a black pen (yes, it must be black), a ruler, and compass or protractor for curved lines. Freehand is, of course, also permitted (except for mine, which looks like monkey doodles).

Your dowsing session:
After you’ve done the Grounding and Protection exercises, you MUST then dowse for answers to three essential questions (let’s assume your want to dowse for information about why your car won’t start):

1.Can I dowse for information about the reason my car won’t start?”
This is to ask Source if you have the ability to dowse for this information.

2.May I dowse for information about the reason my car won’t start?”
This is to request permission from Source to seek this information.

3.Should I dowse for information about the reason my car won’t start?”
Is it ethical for me to know this? (This question normally only applies when you’re dowsing for a third party - it’s to protect you from any hidden or unethical motives on their part).

If you get a “no” to any of these questions, it’s permissible to ask why - but your question must always be formulated to elicit a “yes” or “no” answer. If you still receive a “no,” accept it and come back to dowse again at a later time, or ask an unrelated question.

For every answer you receive, I believe it’s important to show gratitude and say “thank you.”

One final essential question before you ask your own:

“Are you, my helper, standing in the Light of the Divine Creator?” Or “Are you, my helper, standing in the Light of the Divine Christ?”

Once you get a positive answer, you’re up and running.

But always check every answer with “Is this the truth?” Or repeat the answer back and ask, “Is this true and correct?”

If you get a negative answer, or if, for some reason, you suspect something odd may be going on, or you’re getting suspect or playful answers (quite rare but it has been known to happen), here’s what you say:

“Medics, please come and take this beloved spirit away for healing.”

Your answerer will instantly be replaced by a positive healthy energy.

Once you’ve received your answers, it’s very important that you finish your dowsing session by saying:

“I now close down this dowsing session - thank you.”

Doing this will free the spirit/energy that gave you your answers to move on in service to others.

Some important things to note about dowsing:
  • You can only dowse for information concerning others if that information materially or spiritually affects you, or if you yourself are involved in the situation.
  • You can only dowse others with their express permission (for children, permission of parent or guardian). Without permission, nothing will happen - as long as your intentions are good.
  • If you try to harm another with conscious intent, it will be immediately short-circuited by Source straight back to you - instant karma.
  • You must dowse only with love and for the highest benefit of yourself and others - this includes humans, animals, plants, and the earth itself.
  • Dowsing works like this: “Only love and need, never harm or greed.”
Finally, if you read the page “The Rife Machine,” you’ll know that I killed all my demodex mites using frequencies from physicist Dr. Jeff Sutherland. Would it surprise you to learn that Dr. Sutherland develops all his frequencies by dowsing for them using a Cameron Aurameter? Another highly respected frequency researcher who also uses dowsing is Bruce Stenulson.

Even some progressive doctors dowse for diagnoses in difficult cases.

Because it works.

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Link: Chris Gozdziks “DiviningMind” web-page full of tips, illustrations, charts, videos, and links.

And that concludes our trip to the wonderland of energy medicine.
Next, we’ll take a look at the topical treatment route...