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Uploaded 4 Sept 2012

The first set of treatments that were featured on this site were the “Topical Solutions.” Naturally, the purpose of these was to treat and cure a demodex infestation. Through pioneering experimentation, logical thought, and, in many cases, sheer desperation, people found that these worked fine for other insect problems, too. But fungal elements that may also be present can require a different and additional avenue of approach.

Prompted by my own disabilities, and the recognition that other people would also be unable for the long haul of daily mustard or borax and hydrogen peroxide treatments, I investigated other avenues. And found the revelation of energy medicine - and my own Awakening.

The difference between these two sections is important to understand:

On this website, our topical treatments have only one purpose - to deal with an infestation.

Energy medicine, on the other hand, is a very different animal: some aspects of it will kill a parasitic infestation - insect, fungal, bacterial, or viral. Others work by stimulating and marshaling the body’s own natural healing resources to attack the invaders.

But the really important thing about all energy medicine is that it’s a total health system. In other words, it has uses and applications that extend far beyond simply eradicating an infestation. It is, truly, a universal doctor in a box - except this doctor cures.

It allows us to free ourselves from the chains of allopathy and pharmaceuticals. It empowers us to reclaim control of our own health. It enables us to share healing with our families, friends, neighbours, and others in need.

And when you raise another, you raise yourself.

There’s also a third strand we need to weave into our health tapestry that’s vital for a healthy future. It doesn’t fit into either of the other two categories, and it has to do with intake - the curative and health maintenance consequences of what we choose to take into our bodies.

If you put diesel into a petrol (gasoline) car, it will run - for a very short while. And then it will stop. And it won’t ever run again without costly major repairs.

If you omit to put oil into a two-stroke engine’s fuel tank, it will run - for a very short while. And then it will stop. And it won’t ever run again without costly major repairs.

From around the time of the Second World War, most of us have been filling our tanks with diesel.

And our engines have either stopped working properly, are making suspiciously clunky noises, or there’s a red light on the dash that ominously keeps blinking on and off.

But despite what medicine would like you to believe, our human engines rarely need costly repairs - just the right fuel, with the right additives, and you should be good to go.

Now that’s good design.

1. Herbs & Nutrition
Our original pharmacy was all of nature - and it’s still the best. Pharmaceuticals, in many cases, are just pale synthetic analogues of herbs and plants. The most well-known example is aspirin - or salicylic acid, the ersatz form of willow bark extract. Unremarkably, all the chemical fakes have side effects not present in the originals.

It’s time to rediscover our herbal heritage.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Only he wasn’t talking about things that come in cardboard boxes, plastic heat-sealed trays, or cans. He was talking about things with dirt on them - stuff you dug up out of the ground, or plucked from a tree or bush, or animals you hunted, killed, and butchered yourself.

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s still eminently possible to eat natural and nutritious food today. But it takes a little more thought, time, and effort.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide
It’s been called everything from a weak bleach to a miracle. Every time it rains, nature makes more of it. And you make it, too, as part of your body’s natural defense system.

But sometimes your body could use a helping hand.

It’s hydrogen peroxide.

And our bodies’ bad guys live in mortal fear of it.

But first:
A body must eat...