Skin anomalies that may be associated

First, some marks and growths on live skin (me, that is):

I’ve had hard skin growths that disappear after a few months. Above is a fresh one.

One in its final stages. I call them “galls” because they remind me of the insect growths on oak trees.

Not excoriation since these don’t itch or tickle until the plug is accidentally dislodged by the larva or it emerges.

Now some oddities found in dead skin (which I shed embarrassingly despite trying three different moisturisers):

The developing larvae are torc-shaped, as seen in the next image. I think these rings are failures.

I call these “fried eggs” for obvious reasons.

Skin that looks like frosted or crazy-paned glass. Normal?

I have green, yellow, orange, brown, and black tinted skin.

So, plugs, bugs, and weird skin. Don’t tell me there’s more?
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