Remember that plug growing a filament?

Well, those fine translucent filaments grow out through your skin. I have no idea what their purpose is. But I don’t believe these are vellus hairs since vellus hairs are visible to the naked eye. You won’t see these though without a fairly powerful microscope. Here they are in live skin:

Eyebrow hairs and filaments.

Embedded plug with its filament.

My dead skin also looks like it has a network of filaments growing through it:

There’s something green and segmented inside this clump of filamentous skin.

I’ve found other types of filaments all over my body as well:

This filament is flat, like tape. I have round ones, like wire, too. There are no white fabrics in my home.

A clump. Note the possible larval form. The blue fibre is from clothing.

I’ve found thousands of these cocoon-like objects, even in my anus.

When crushed with a thumbnail, this is what’s inside that cocoon-like object.

The last few pages have just been a little taste. The galleries linked in the sidebar contain many more images, all organised into logical categories. Please take a few moments to check them out. There’s some really strange stuff in there.

So how does all this affect me?

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